4th Times the Charm

4th Times The Charm

So did anyone catch the Mexican Grand Prix last night? I know I was glued to my TV set placed upon my Dakota TV Unit, and let’s say I wasn’t disappointed as Lewis Hamilton fought his way into history by winning the 2017 F1 drivers title.

In doing this he has now won his 4th drivers title, becoming only the 5th driver in F1 history to win the title at least 4 times. Of course in the yearly season review book that I’m sure will be making it to many F1 nerds Mango Bookcase soon, the race itself was anything but to plan.

Within corners of the start title rivals Vettel and Hamilton made contact, sending them both to the back of the field with damaged cars. Yet in a fightback that seems to come with every great championship showdown (most recently Vettel in 2012), Hamilton clawed his way back up to 9th, with 2 points being enough to seal the title.

It may not have been ideal however, as the post-race celebrations got underway I sat at my Dakota Coffee Table, warm drink in hand just thinking about what I had just witnessed.

This is because for the first time, I have witnessed a great driver right from the very beginning of their career. From that first race in 2007 where Hamilton audaciously passed world champion Fernando Alonso at the first corner of his first race, though to his dramatic world title in 2008 and even to his recent domination I’ve had the privilege to witness it all.

Therefore It seems unfortunate to me that in this social media world we live in today, that his true talent is not appreciated to what it should be. After all with so many fan bases around and with a platform such as Facebook where you can pretty much have your opinion (be it positively and negatively) safely sat at your Dakota Desk.

Yet it confounds me as to how anyone can have these negative reactions to what we are seeing? If you’re like me then you never got to see the likes of Clark, Fangio, Prost or Lauda in their primes, heck I missed the first part of Michael Schumacher’s legendary career, seeing that from 1999 onwards.

Yet here we are witnessing a driver who is literally stampeding his way through history, with this season being the greatest of his career. Not only taking the title but also setting the record for most career pole positions, surpassing Schumacher and the late great Ayrton Senna.

Of course in the fragmented world that is the F1 fan base, everyone will have a skewed and biased option (myself included if I’m honest), some will say he had no competition, that is was down to luck or the car.

However if those people look back on history, all great drivers who won multiple championships had a great car and a fair share of good fortune.

So next time you’re sat in front of the Mango TV Stand watching a race, just take a moment to appreciate history being made right in front of your eyes.

Congratulations 2017 world champion Lewis Hamilton!