Flawed Yet Flawless

Flawed Yet Flawless

Good Morning Solid Wood Furniture blog fans, it’s an early morning roll call for this week’s blog, after all after 2 weeks away from writing about the various adventures of Indian Wood Furniture.

So during the course of my time off I decided to try and play on my Wii U, for the first time in quite a while since the gamepad controller went bust after it fell off of my Mango Wood Bookcase, cracking the ever fragile screen.

However despite the quite obvious flaw that I was presented with, as I played on Zelda Breath of the Wild for the first time in months I was reacquainted with the flawless gameplay experience that had me spending so much time in front of the Dakota TV Unit before my console was damaged.

So what does this have to do with our stellar range of Solid Wood Furniture?

Well my experience in a way reminded me of our Reclaimed Furniture collection, as this range embodies the flawed yet flawless motif.

When you look at our collection of Reclaimed Sheesham Furniture you can see that the designs are a little blunt and somewhat jarring, with paint scatters and mismatched colours being a focal point of the design.

This to many would seem like a flaw, however this is a flaw that gives the range its indistinguishable charm and character; making it one of the more popular collections for those looking for a distinctive design that demonstrates their creative flair.

This is because even though every example from the Reclaimed Indian Sideboard through to the Reclaimed Sheesham TV Unit features the distinctive layered look, each example is completely unique in terms of design.

This is due to each unit featuring different cuts of reclaimed wood therefore creating a different and unique colour pallet each time.

Combine this with a unique texture and you have a range that much like my broken console is flawed but flawless.