Hitting The Right Note

Hitting The Right Note

Yesterday I was sitting in my living room with my laptop checking to see if a game I am after is available on sale, after all I am a gamer on a budget.

Sadly it was not and although not overly expensive I still could not buy it at this very moment in time. So I decided rather than buy the game I would listen to its soundtrack for a while, so after a little searching I found the playlist on YouTube and sat it on top of my Cube Coffee Table. Before long I was sprawled on my couch, eyes closed in absolute bliss as the soundtrack gave me a taste of what awaited me once I finally got a hold of the game.

For lack of a better pun I’d say that it hit the right note.

Although this saying does have some leverage in the world of Natural Wood Furniture among other things. After all your new living room features must hit the right note and set the tone for what your room is all about. Is it all business, a den of relaxation or a byword of contemporary design filled with elegant Dakota Furniture™ pieces.

Hitting the right note determines the mood of every room and what it stands for. An example of how much effect this has on tone, look no further than in the bedroom. This is because the tone of the bedroom depends entirely on the inhabitants and what they deem to be a relaxing environment.

For instance are you the sort of person who prefers a warm and cosy atmosphere, giving you that sense of security as you drift off to sleep? Well our dark finished Mango Furniture range would be the perfect fit, with their warming and rich finishes complimenting their natural wood charm. You will see this yourself as you look at the Mango Bookcase as you settle down for the night.

Maybe you’re the sort who likes their bedroom to represent the dawning of a new day, filled with vibrance and wonder? Then the light wood furniture collections are just the thing to hit the right note, as you open your eyes to see the Dakota Chest of Drawers reflecting the morning light off its vibrant light wood finish.

With these examples it shows how important hitting the right note with your new Solid Wood Furniture additions.