Keeping Your Cool

Keeping your cool

Good Morning Solid Wood Furniture lovers and well this is probably going to be the most obvious statement ever put onto paper – but man is it hot today.

Now you’re probably sprawled out on your couch right now having many sarcastic and bitter thoughts in your head as you try to move in this heat.

However you should not despair as there are plenty of ways to keep your cool in this scorching summer heat.

Of course the easiest of these is to keep yourself well hydrated, after all if you’re lucky enough to be at home today you can have a refreshing glass of orange juice or water sitting on your lovely Mango Coffee Table.

However for a lot of us we need to find more practical ways to keep ourselves cool in the heat.

For example here in the Trade Furniture office, we are all keeping very cool while sat at our Dakota Desks thanks to your lovely air con and office fans, with me personally having a large supply of water stored in the Mango Sideboard we keep in the office.

Now some of you will not be struggling in this weather, instead you will be embracing it by enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

We guess the favourite of these will be the garden barbeque, getting the equipment and utensils out of the Cuba Sideboard and heading outside, embracing the sun while enjoying digging into your burger or whatever meal you chose.

You can even invite more friends over, using some Cube Sheesham Dining Chairs to provide additional seating for your guests.

You can even head down for a day at the beach, getting your sun cream and summer clothes out of the Dakota Wardrobe and enjoying a fun day in the sun.

However you approach this nice weather be sure to keep your cool.