Lost and Found

Lost and Found

It can be quite the journey creating your dream home furniture design, from finding the right carpet or flooring to the right wallpaper and even those little features that complete the room’s look and feel.

However the biggest chunk of any room design is furniture. This is because furniture is the most tangible aspect of a home design; you interact with it on a daily basis from your Dakota Bookcase through to your Mango Dining Table.

Unlike wallpaper where it somewhat stays in the background and does its own thing, furniture is in the forefront be it willingly or unwillingly.

This makes it all the more distressing when a piece of your furniture becomes damaged as this disrupts the synergy and unique charm you have tried so hard to create; often by no fault of your own.

This is furthered for those who own Natural Wood Furniture as often these pieces will be unique and rather pricey to get repaired.

However there are ways to get around the daunting cost of Natural Wood Furniture replacement, in fact you’re in one right now.

Here at Trade Furniture Company™ we have spent the better part of a decade selling high quality Indian Wood Furniture, with unique brands and styles that showcase the potential of Solid Wood Furniture for your home.

The great thing is that even though Solid Wood is often typecast with traditional and elitist. However many of our brands, including the Mango and Cube collections are designed with modern homes in mind.

This can be seen in a number of our popular designs including the Cube TV Unit and Dakota Sideboard to name a few.

However we have made it our mission to provide such high quality Natural Wood Furniture designs at an affordable price.  All of this means the synergy you have created within your home is now easier than ever.