It’s funny isn’t it – despite all the advances in technology over the years and how we as the human race continue to progress (were on virtual reality talk now), we still hang onto the old ways – is it because we fear change, are untrustworthy of unproven over tried and tested or perhaps it’s the memories that we associate with items and tastes from the past.

Anyway there’s not point in questioning such a thing, after all I have an old Gameboy and don’t feel like I need to analyse why I have it – simple point is that we like to keep things that we like, this same principle applies to furniture as well. After all why would we replace our old furniture that is unique and treasured with new less durable options?

Of course sometimes there is no option and we have to replace the old rickety coffee table – however this comes with a problem – what if your coffee table is a 1960’s original, it would be too expensive (and time consuming) to track down one just like it, and if its beyond repair then that option is out as well.

Well one option is Retro Furniture, now yes you’re probably saying – ‘hang on what I have now is ‘retro’ isn’t it’. Yes but our range is not period furniture, rather it is modern day furniture that is inspired by classic designs of the past.

Take our Retro Coffee Table for example, here you have something that looks as though it was made in the mid-sixties, however in actuality this item is made from Indian Mango Wood and was more than likely manufactured a few months prior to writing this blog.

This comes with 2 advantages, one is that it is much more durable than an actual piece of Retro Furniture which leads onto the second advantage, that Retro inspired furniture is more cost effective than the original as it is cheaper to buy and also less costly to maintain in the long run.

So why not add a touch of retro flair to your bedroom.