British Weather

British Weather

Good afternoon, readers I hope that everyone is doing okay today. Hasn’t this weekend been eventful? Having none stop snow stranding people on their travels or forcing them to stay indoors, has certainly shaken us all up.

I mean, by now you think that us Brits would be used to this weather. Well… I suppose it’s just the normal over here; as we can have snow, hail, rain, sun and a thunderstorm all in the same day. Waking up on Sunday morning and picking up my phone off of my Mango desk, noticed a message had been sent, stating that my Rugby game was off.

With Sunday’s usually being my sports day, I had nothing else really planned for the day. This ended up with me taking a ‘lazy day’ so to speak, staying inside watching Avatar The Last Airbender on my Retro TV Unit.

Being stuck inside is never really fun for those of us who are the outdoors type, so not being able to get outside was frustrating to say the least. After spending most of the day watching films, I decided why not re-organize my room, allowing me to have more potential space. Just to point out I am in no way, Eddie Hall worlds strongest man strong; however I did manage to move my Cuba Natural Double Wardrobe into a much more suitable place.

As the day came to an end, i topped it off with a well-earned Latte and some digestive on my Trade Furniture Coffee Table.

Side Note: I’ve checked the weather forecast and it’s finally expected to get better. Although, we are in the UK, so I’m not fully convinced.