How to Choose an Office Chair

You’ve finally splashed out and bought yourself that superb all-wood desk for your home office. And now you’re stumped – what kind of chair should you choose? Should it be one that matches, or one that’s good for your back? It all depends on what you’re after, and how long you’ll be sitting there.

Comfort is key with picking your dream office chair, and there are lots of things to look out for when you go to buy one. Firstly you will need to make sure that it will support your body, not restricting circulation or straining your back or neck. Secondly, you will need to make sure the chair allows you to have space to move around and carry out what you need to do without restrictions, or causing you pain.

Office chairs are now fitted with a range of features which can make sitting more comfortable, which you may want to look out for.

Adjustable height is paramount when choosing an office chair. This feature allows anyone who uses the chair to be able to reach the desk at a height which suits them. Ideally, you need to be able to sit with your feet flat to the floor and your elbows rest on the table.

The backrest is important for anyone who plans to be using the office chair for long periods of time. This will need to be able to support your back and keep your posture correct. The best office chairs on the market will allow you to adjust the position of the backrest to suit your back depending on height.

Another thing you may want to consider when choosing an office chair is the manoeuvrability it allows. You may be working at the desk with files everywhere; a swivel chair will mean you won’t have to twist your body and your back to reach the things you need, as the chair can move, causing less strain on your body as you are working.

The style of your chair is also important. It will have to suit your needs, but look appropriate in the space you have designed. Regardless, remember don’t sit at your desk for long periods of time, make sure you get up and stretch to avoid long term harm to your body.