Complation Sensation

Compilation Sensation

So I was reading through rolling stones list of 500 greatest albums of all time the other night and as expected the obvious faces. You know the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elvis and the like, making me head to the Dakota Sideboard to check if I had many of these incredible and iconic albums.

As you might have guessed by collection was a little sparse of these legendary recording’s (other than London Calling which was slotted neatly in my Mango Wood Bookcase).

So in order to stop myself from blowing a very large portion of these months’ pay in gathering the top 10 of this list, I decided to distract myself. So I sat at my Mango Coffee Table with hot chocolate in hand and decided to write something.

This got me thinking a few of these albums were actually compilations, where the artist’s best work over their career up to that point.

So I wondered, could we here have a completion of our best Solid Wood Furniture pieces to showcase the best Natural Wood design has to offer.

So for our first pick let’s go right to the beginning with our oldest collection. The piece we have gone for is one of our Dakota Sideboards. This perfectly symbolises what Dakota Furniture is all about, blending natural Mango Wood style with the practicality and versatility the modern home demands.

Next we have something from the Sheesham Wood furniture collections. The Jali Dining Table embodies everything that is important to a sophisticated home dining experience. It achieves this through blending traditional Sheesham Wood with cast iron detailing inspired by Indian Jali design.

The final part of our compilations comes from a more recent retro inspired collection. Mainly the Retro Mango TV Unit, which comes packed with home media storage, mainly a cabinet and 2 handy shelves built into a frame inspired by mid-century design.