Has anyone been keeping up with the film news this year – one of the biggest stories of this year has been the speculation around the James Bond franchise after Daniel Craig’s infamous comments where her said he would rather ‘slit his wrists’ than play 007 again.

This obviously sent the entertainment media ablaze with news stories appearing on everyone’s Indian Wood TV Stands and who would potentially replace him as the next 007.

A few names floated around and lead to some great chats around the Dakota Coffee Table, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba being among the notable names.

However for me there was always a hint of sadness despite the possibility of Idris Elba playing James Bond which would be amazing given his acting credentials.

You see Craig’s tenure as Bond completely reinvigorated a tired franchise that was mired in tradition and the ghosts of its past – this all ended in 2005 where we saw a reboot of epic proportions with an all new approach to the Bond character.

That new approach blowing us all away and continues to do so to this day in front of your Indian Mango TV Units as we saw a Bond that was less sophisticated and level-headed, but one who had a take no prisoners approach who would do whatever it took to achieve his objective often disregarding authority entirely and stripped of all the gadgets and gizmos and bringing the Bond character bang up to date.

This less jetpacks more Intense and darker approach to Bond has become something of a standalone in the Bond cinematic universe as there is no previous connection to anything that came before, so it’s understandable that to have this come to an end so abruptly for me left me with a dash of disappointment sitting in front of my Indian Desk reading the news.

However this week Daniel Craig hinted at a 007 return stating I’ve got the best job in the world doing Bond’ at a press conference in Manhattan – of course he never formally stated that he had given up the role.

This means that a great chapter in one of cinemas most recognisable franchises may continue, even if it is just for one more film at least we will be left with a conclusion to one of cinemas most successful reboots.