Custom to You

Custom to You

Take a look at the picture you see above, this is from a website that sells custom t shirts and other items where you can chose either a pre-existing design or upload your own customised design which they will print and ship out to you.

So what exactly does this have to do with this week’s blog? Well from a certain perspective Solid Wood Furniture is custom to you as well.

Now we don’t mean that we offer custom designs or anything like that.

However with a wide range of brands available such as the Dakota Furniture, Sheesham furniture and Jali furniture collections on offer, you can make your Solid Wood Furniture design custom to you.

Let me explain.

We have hundreds of products in stock however the likelihood of you having the exact same furniture and layout is very slim.

After all 2 customers may both purchase a Mango TV Unit on the same day in the same wood finish. However despite these items being identical, it’s their integration into your home design that make the whole experience completely custom to you.

Do you place it in your bedroom or make it a staple of your living room, what media devices will accompany it, where about in the room will it be placed.

These are all factors that are custom to you.

A great example of this principle is the humble Jali Sideboard.

Each of these evocative Sheesham pieces features a small cabinet as well as 3 handy storage drawers. Now I would personally use this for my collection of classic video games and consoles. However you might use it for storing books, glassware, cosmetics, DVD’s, toiletries and so many more alternatives.

This combined with our ever expanding range of handmade wood furniture and you are sure to find a design and style that is custom to you.