Declutter Your Home

One of the most-heard arguments we hear is the one about clutter. ″That’s a great table – but where are we going to fit it around all our stuff?″

For some reason, people are like magpies, and find it difficult to let go of our possessions, and the trend toward smaller houses means that people’s homes tend to find themselves cluttered with all kinds of junk.

The main problem is that British people are simply not very good at storage. Once the shelves are full, and the space under the bed is heaving with dusty boxes, we simply don’t know what to do with piles of CDS, books and bric-a-brac. Perhaps, once you think you’ve tidied up as far as you can go, and the house still looks like a jumble sale, it might be time to declutter.

It can be a heart-wrenching business. So much so that decluttering programmes such as Cash in the Attic have formed the staple diet of daytime television for years.

So, you’ve got to sit down and decide what stays and what goes. Where not going to be that TV programme where the stuff that goes gets thrown into a shredder, because there are far better solutions. There are difficult decisions to be made, but the question you have to ask while clutching a box of table mats that where a present from your aunt, but haven’t seen the light of day for a decade is ″Do I really need this?″

If the answer’s ‘no’, then think of the best way for disposal. Car boot sale? Charity shop? eBay? There are loads of solutions before you even need to consider hoiking it all in the back of the car and running down to the recycling centre.

However, the decisions can be made simpler by rethinking your storage. We’ve got loads of brilliant ideas for shelf units and book cases, and these might be the very thing you need to tidy and declutter your home.  Sensible storage ideas, like tables that double up as storage trunks are widely available, and you can have a tidy house with just a few sensible furniture purchases.