When looking around furniture showrooms you see many pieces of furniture that are completely unique to one another, however one question that we often get asked around our showroom is the difference between certain furniture ranges, the most prominent of these being the Mango Dark and Dakota Dark comparison and the Cube and Cuba comparison.

So are these furniture ranges a case of duality or are they truly distinct from one another. Well on closer inspection you will find that both of these furniture could not be any more different.

Let’s start with the Mango Dark and Dakota comparison, now these ranges are more often than not confused with one another so it is best that we just clear the air. The first thing that separates these ranges is their design – yes the base design is the same however looking at the Mango TV Unit and the Dakota TV Unit you will notice that the design of the handles alter from the thing rectangular handles of the Mango to the Square and more bulky handles that come with the Dakota Furniture range. Now something that many people do not notice especially with the dark ranges is the change in tone between the two as the Dakota Dark is much more like a medium brown compared to the dark brown of the Mango.

So how about the Cube and Cuba comparison. Well this one is a little more subtle as both ranges share the same base construction with the same material used, that being Indian Sheesham Wood as well as the same colour variations with the Light, Honey and Natural finishes. However these ranges are separated by a small but ever important design change. You see the Cube range is fitted with metal handles whereas the Cuba range is fitted with wooden ones, this may seem like a small change however it is amazing how it changes the dynamic of the furniture.

Well that wraps it up we hope this blog has been informative on the differences between these ranges and how what may seem like duality to begin with is on closer inspection are a set of truly distinct features.