Everything That Is Expected

Everything That Is Expected

Hello there readers, I’m back from my holiday. Well I can call it a holiday but in reality it was a really big launch week for one of my favourite game series, so I booked time off to enjoy my hard earned purchase.

And it is easy to say that I was not disappointed, and that It turned out to be everything that I expected and more, so much that I though my console would end up exploding in the Mango TV Unit I have in my room.

So what does this have to do with this week’s blog?

Well it is about that satisfying feeling you have when you have been waiting for something for a really long time, and it not only fulfils but exceeds your expectations.

This is a feeling that many of your frequent viewers of our Solid Wood range will have experienced time and time again with our collections.

After all style, quality and dependability are all things that you must expect from Solid Wood Furniture. After all pieces such as the Mango Bookcase are not the cheapest things in the world for a reason.

So how can you tell that our range of Indian Wood Furniture will be everything that you expect?

First of all is the built to last mentality. In choosing 100% Natural Wood as the basis of our ever expanding collection, we intend for our furniture to last for years, potentially generations. This you should expect to be the case when you receive delivery of one of our Dakota TV Units.

Secondly, our furniture range is designed around you. One of the biggest turn offs to going down the Natural Wood path is that often such pieces are designed with form over function. However we realise that modern home design puts a big emphasis on blending style and practical design. This is why pieces such as the Cube Bookcase offer plenty of storage space, yet is filled with modernist style.

Finally, quality at a reasonable price. So wood furniture, at least the 100% Natural equivalent is handmade. However with it being handmade, this often brings the stigma of handmade Natural Dining Tables being very overpriced. However we believe in delivering this sort of quality, at a price that can fit your budget.