Role Models

Follow The Leader

Good morning readers, I hope that everyone is doing okay this morning and has made it to work safe. I’ve just checked the latest weather forecast and apparently it’s just going to get worse.

Today’s topic will be role-models; everyone has someone who they aspire to be like when they grow up, whether it be your parents or a celebrity. Now being a parent of 3 children isn’t easy and it’s safe to say we all don’t try to make it easier for them.

Aren’t parents the best? Every morning they will make you breakfast as well as dinner so that you are ready for the day and then when they arrive back from the work a meal will be cooked for you to have on your dining table. Just how do they manage it all?

Last year for Christmas it was our turn to invite the family around for a night of festivities. Now having the entire family round, can be a bit chaotic as we all know, ensuring that the Mango Coffee table has snacks on and that the dining sets have enough room to seat us all.

I don’t believe sometimes we all truly realise what they do for us, I’m sure we could all try our best to assist them in some way, even if it is just cleaning your Indian Sheesham Cabinet out.

With this blog now coming to an end, remember to just try and put that little bit of help in to make it easier for your parents. Also, don’t forget to wrap up this week, it’s a cold one!