So if you look at the music charts today, the amount of rock songs which are present are zero. It is merely a sign of the times, tastes and society has changes where people will no longer head home with their new AC/DC or Black Sabbath Records.

It seems somewhat sad that a lot of these bands will never get the exposure their talent really deserves. However this does not mean that the rock genre itself is dead, as in many countries it still continues to be a popular and profitable genre.

One such example is J-rock, a genre of rock music in Japan which showcases that rock music can still be a popular and exhilarating genre. It achieves this through blending different genres of rock music including punk, metal, post grunge, thrash along with fat tempos and their own musical influences.

The result is a sound that is unmatched today in terms of pure energy and sonic fulfilment.

This however got me thinking, can furniture also benefit from a bit of genre blending?

One such example can be found in our range of Solid Wood Coffee Tables.

Coffee tables themselves are the centrepiece of any living room design, becoming the spoke in the wheel if you will. However what if you could blend it with the storage potential that comes with a sideboard. Of course this is not practical yet you can integrate a shelf and a couple of drawers into the design.

The result is one of our Dakota Coffee Tables, offering traditional designs with modern amenities.

Another example if furniture genre mashing is our Cuba Sheesham Wine Rack. These wine racks offer a built in wine rack, along with 3 shelves and 2 storage drawers, allowing it to offer versatile living room and dining room storage.

Such a genre blend can also be found in our Jali Sheesham collection. This collection blends traditional Sheeshsam Wood design with cast iron detailing inspired by Indian Jali design.

This blending of style genres creates an unmistakable look and feel, delivering a satisfying and uplifting feeling within the home.

Such are the benefits of genre blending.