Yes Trade Furniture blog readers the inevitable has happened, it has been a few weeks since its release but Pokémon GO has finally gained some steam and has become one of the year’s biggest free to play games.

It’s not hard to see why after all finding a Bulbasaur as walk around an Indian Wood Furniture showroom is both a fun and distracting experience – after all this is probably the closest that the world is ever going to get to seeing a real life Pikachu.

However I think Pokémon Go represents more than just the latest step in mobile gaming, I think it represents what a cultural phenomenon Pokémon was and still is.

Let me take you back to 1999 and to a boy sitting in front of his Madison TV Unit watching these adorable creatures on his TV screen and their adventures, then imagine this young person had a Game Boy with the all-time classic Pokémon Red on it and then battling his friends with their copies of the game – yes this young person was me.

You see it’s not hard to say that Pokémon came closer than any entertainment IP to taking over the entire world. However a lot of the people who were fans of the series and the games back in the day left it behind – it seems to be a thing in our society that once we reach adulthood we must let go of the things we loved in our younger days and replace them with the monotony of responsibility and the hassle of re furnishing you home with Indian Mango Wood Furniture.

However with the release of Pokémon Go!, all of these people who left Pokémon behind have rediscovered a precious part of their childhood, seriously the other day one of my co-workers was getting all excited about catching a Pidgeoto someone who works a 9 – 5 job at a Solid Indian Wood Furniture retailer. All of which just goes to show you the unmistakable and irresistible charm of Pokémon and why it not only rekindles old memories but also makes new ones.

Now excuse me while I go hunt down this Charizard!