The Happier Side Of The Web

The Happier Side Of The Web

It must be hard to imagine a retail world without the internet today. Before we got trolls, toxic web forums and idiots on YouTube, the internet was a simple and wondrous beast.

It’s hard to imagine as we were using dial up connections that one day the World Wide Web would become the backbone of our retail experience.

From buying to delivery and even community reviews, the choices are plenty and the information provided is clear. Any of you who have ordered from our catalogue of Mango Furniture can agree with this.

However this was not always the case. Take your mind back to a pre web age, where retail stores had a much more limited radius.

Without the internet as a tool, each of these stores could only take advantage of their limited radius, with advertising being much more expensive and risky than what it is today.

This also had an impact on the customer too. Unlike today where we are bombarded with information and can purchase items from across the globe in a mere few clicks, things were very different back then.

Due to the limited reach retail stores could offer, it required a lot of research and a lot of good fortune to find exactly what you were looking for.

This goes double for furniture shopping as you were even more limited as somewhere there may have been a stunning Mango Sideboard just waiting for you. Yet because it was halfway across the country (or even world) you will have had to settle for an alternative, unless you had incredible good fortune.

Thankfully today it is easier than ever to browse and shop, with many companies like ourselves providing endless customisation and flexibility with your home shopping experience. Your want this Mango Coffee Table in a light finish, done. You want delivery or collection, it can be arranged. You want more images of the product, and then we will send you an email.

All of this thanks to the nicer side for the web.