Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Okay well this may be a couple of days late but, Happy New Year Readers!

Yes we are now officially into 2018 readers; in fact it’s hard to imagine that I have been writing these articles for the past 2 years.

However when you’re able to write about stunning pieces such as the Dakota TV Unit and Jali Sideboard for most of the year you frequently lose track of time.

So what memories do you have of 2017 then?

Or more specifically what Solid Wood Furniture memories do you have?

After all buying a brand new Mango Bookcase is an event in itself, unlike many other retail items which come and go with regularity Natural Wood Furniture is around for the long term.

Perhaps your favourite memory is browsing through our website, surfing through our ranges contained within our sleek and easy to use site which this year featured a slight cosmetic tweak here and there.  The same could also be said for our relaunched eBay page, with a new dedicated presence ensuring you will only find the finest examples of Indian Wood Furniture online.

Maybe you remember the excitement and anticipation in waiting for your brand new Dakota Mango Wood Coffee Table to be delivered direct to your door by our friendly delivery service. In fact our in house fleet received a few new additions along with brand new vehicles ensuring your furniture is safe and secure on its journey.

Or perhaps it’s the memories that come with these 100% Natural Wood features that you will remember most of all from your 2017 furniture memories.

Maybe you remember cramming in that last little bit of revision before a big exam with books spilling out of your Cube Sheesham Bookcase.

Maybe you had some amazing surprise parties and games nights, with one of our Dakota Coffee Tables being front and center.

Or maybe you moved into your own place for the first time and remember organising your brand new Solid Wood Furniture just the way you like it.

Whatever your memories of 2017, we hope that 2018 will be a fantastic year for your all.