VW T2 Blue Campervan

History brought back!

Good afternoon readers, I hope that everyone is keeping well today? The sun is out, which to me makes for the perfect day to talk about hobbies.

Everyone someway has their own hobby that they enjoy doing in their free time, mine being my 1974 VW T2 Campervan which I am currently restoring. Finding the perfect Campervan was an extremely hard and gruelling task, as I spent a lot of my time sat at my Dakota Office Desk looking online for my lucky find.

Vehicles have always fascinated me, even since when I was little. All of the old classics seemed to draw me in, with one being, you guessed it the VW T2 Campervan. I will never forget the day I found my Camper, heading on a 8 hour journey (4 hours there and 4 back) to collect what was going to be brought back to ‘life’ and not to mention owning one.

Now, by trade I am neither a mechanical engineer nor a body specialist, however luckily I have the necessary people in my family who have had experience in this trade. Taking on a project such as this has not only been to fur fill my dream but also to learn more about this lovable motor.

Just typing this from my leather dining chair has me wanting to jump into that driving seat and hit the country side. However, I can’t do that just yet sadly with the engine currently out of service being refurbished.

Anyway, so yeah that’s my hobby in a ‘nut shell’. Having a hobby has not only allowed me to complete my dream but to also learn something new and head outside rather than being stuck inside playing on my computer all day every day.

Personally, I’d highly recommend taking up a hobby, even if it’s something you are nervous about. No harm trying right?