The Living Room Triangle

The Living Room Triangle

The living room is one of the most important features in any home design. Not only does this room represent the main recreational area of the home, but is also the showcase of what your own home design.

Frequently the living room design from décor to furniture choice extends through the household, setting the tone that you wish to achieve, be it modern and sleek or strictly traditional.

Yet the living room must also strike the perfect balance between style and practicality, after all unless you live in a home with a spare living space this room will be used more than any other in the home.

With that being said what should you do to ensure that this balance between style and practicality is met?

Aside from all the extra features and decorative touches, ensuring a sustainable living room design really boils down to 3 pieces of furniture; furniture which represents the balance between these two elements.

The first of these is the Dakota Coffee Table. Why you ask, well look at any living room furniture design from one room apartments to lavish mansion each one has this simple yet elegant piece. This is because the coffee table has become the symbol of family living room life and its focal point, with a dependable and versatile nature perfect for a wide range of home activities.

Next up we have the Cube TV Unit. Even with streaming and portable media devices becoming more and more prevalent, the TV unit is still an essential feature to the living room. Be it gathering round for the Christmas movie, inviting your friends over for a game of Mario Kart or even just a quiet night in with that certain someone; the TV unit is a feature that would be unmissable in today’s living rooms.

Finally we have the Jali Bookcase. The basis of any living room storage plan, the flexible bookcase allows you to store a number of living room features and accessories from books to DVD’s, photo frames and even ornaments and mementos.

It is these 3 pieces of furniture that solidify what the living room is an should be, blending style with the needs and demands of everyday life.