Needing a Breather

Needing a Breather

Unleashing out inner potential is a fantastic feeling, whether its finishing your first model aircraft, clearing a hard boss on a game, powering through your exams or maybe just putting up the new wallpaper.

The feeling of satisfaction of pushing yourself to fulfil what you set out to do and achieve it is a fantastic feeling.

However there comes a time where you need to slow things down, take a breather and reinvigorate yourself for whatever challenge your life will be throwing at you next.

I myself am experiencing such a moment, as I have decided to take a hiatus from my video making hobby. The reason being is that I was worried about quality and the fact that I was not enjoying what I was doing, the buzz had gone.

This felt like the right time to take a quick breather; however this is not as black and white as it may appear.

Now like many of you reading, a breather usually means sitting with my feet up on the couch with a warm hot chocolate sitting neatly on my Dakota Coffee Table.

It can also mean escaping into the wonderful world of video games, planting myself in front of my Mango TV Unit for a wave of nostalgia and fun with friends.

What’s funny is that often these simple moments can provide you with even more means of inspiration and creative bursts.

For instance say you are sat on the couch listening to music, you could end up feeling the urge to pick up the guitar.

You may look at your Mango Bookcase while getting up from a nap, thinking you could really do with researching into a matching Solid Wood Sideboard.

In fact something as simple as getting a cup of coffee can cause you to feel a sense of creative urgency, as has ironically happened with today’s Solid Mango Wood blog.

This is why taking the odd breather is important. As much as getting things done is important, you will never unleash all your true potential unless you remember to take a quick breather.