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Networks’ listen to us!

Good morning readers, it’s another day which means it’s another blog and what a perfect day to write one as well! For the first time in a long time, Britain has had some good constant warm weather. Lovely.

I thought today I would talk about TV Shows, seen as last weekend I spent most of my time in my beautifully designed Cube Bed sick. So, with me being stuck in my bed for most of the day, I resorted to grabbing my PC out of my Dakota Wardrobe and flicking on some TV Shows.

Now, being a huge TV show fan I’ve seen plenty with bad endings, great endings as well as them coming and going. One of the main shows which sadly never truly lived up to its true potential was Lost. This show was all about a plane being drawn in and crashing into a mysterious island, leaving them all stranded somewhere completely unknown.

The main reason Lost was cancelled was due to viewers losing interest in a story line that never really finished before moving onto the next. Personally, I loved the entire concept of the show and the cast was amazing but it had run it’s course with the way it was going.

Kyle XY, was a completely different scenario with this show being cancelled far too soon as it had so much more potential. It’s always upsetting when one of your most favourite shows is axed from television, especially when the network didn’t try hard enough to keep it alive, even despite the fans efforts.

If you haven’t seen the news lately Brooklyn 99 was announced to be airing their ifinal episode this year. The reason I say ‘was’ is that the cast and all the fans rallied around requesting for it to carry on and believe it or not, within 2 days the show was back on its feet again.