Not A Good Fit

Not A Good Fit

Good morning readers, how was your travel to work or school this morning? After all there was a lot of ice and snow about so we hope that you all took care this morning.

As you can see I made it to my Natural Wood Desk safe and sound ready to write this week’s blog.

In fact in order to help keep my creative brainwaves in tip top shape, I decided over the weekend to buy myself a set of headphones. The idea being that I’m more than likely to write more inspired Mango Wood articles if my head is not full of the dramas of teenagers. People say block it out, yet those people are not confined on a bus for 40 odd minuets.

So I got on the bus and the headphones were exactly as anticipated, at first at least. I was there with my playlist going, blocking out the tedious teenage drama and sometime outright dumb conversations that often occur on the bus to work.

Then things went slightly wrong as the Bluetooth headphones kept disconnecting and reconnecting at random. The end result of this was either the song just stopping or worse it continuing through the phone speakers themselves.

So sadly I had to give up on this set of headphones and return to the joy of meaningless conversations and high school drama.

This got me thinking however about how some things don’t really work in the way you expect. Despite their best intentions you may need to find yourself an alternative.

This is a frequent occurrence in the world of home furnishing, as it doesn’t always go exactly according to plan first time around. Therefore you may need to find a dependable yet stylish alternative ton your currently living room furniture.

Thankfully our collection of handmade Indian Furniture can fulfil that exact need, with our brands including Dakota, Cuba, Mango and Jali all designed to be the perfect replacement for your old furniture design.