Keep Calm Not Long Now

Not Long Now

Well, good afternoon readers and to answer that question ticking away in your mind, yes the weekend has arrived! Is there really anything better than that weekend feeling ?

This weekend my rugby league team are taking on Barrow Raiders in their first home game of the season. Being around your own home ground gives you a sense of warmth just like your actual own home. Even though the game isn’t till this Sunday, I have already washed and ironed my kit, placing them in my Cuba Double Wardrobe.

Waiting for something to arrive is always a great yet tense moment as you simply just can’t wait. Whether it be that you are waiting for your Sunday game or a stunning Indian Sheesham Cuba Coffee Table to be delivered.

Here’s a tip to avoid that gruelling waiting time, order a takeaway meal of your choice (Preferably a Chicken Tikka Masala, just saying!) and watch a movie on your Cuba Light Long 4 Drawer Unit, whilst trying not to think about your delivery. Side note: I know it’s hard not to think about it, so try your best!

One more tip to prepare yourself would be making room for your new product; I mean it wouldn’t hurt to be ready, would it? Personally, I am terrible at waiting for my orders’ to be delivered, I just can’t wait. Meaning that I will always check my emails to see whether it has been dispatched.

As the weekend is vastly approaching, I hope you all have a good two days rest and I will see you all again on Monday for the next blog!