Hello November

November Already!

Good afternoon readers of the wonderful Trade Furniture blog! Friday is here again and that means I’m going to write a blog and hopefully for you to enjoy it. This has been a very strange week, hasn’t it?

The week after daylight savings always confuses my body clock so on Monday morning I was ready to set off an hour earlier than I when I actually did. I think it has taken me until today to actually wake up at the time that I want to.

As well it was Halloween this week! I’ve always enjoyed Halloween but as you get older it doesn’t have the same feeling anymore. One reason for this is that you waste a lot of money because you always buy two, three times more sweets than you actually need as every year the amount of trick or treaters seems to get lower. I’m not complaining of course this just means that I have an excuse to eat all of the sweets. Compared to the last few years I was quite disappointed with the lack of people who actually put Halloween decorations as when I was a child it seemed to be a bigger thing.

But now its November, November already it’s absolutely crazy! How are we 11 months into the year already? Soon people will be celebrating Christmas if they haven’t started already. In my opinion I still think that it is too early to start celebrating Christmas until December 1st and then it is totally acceptable.

We should celebrate something in November similar to the Americans when they do Thanksgiving, I know that we have Bonfire Night but I’m not really a big fan of it I just find it boring. Thanksgiving would be great as the whole family would be around the Mango 220cm Dining Table eating a meal.

Well anyway that has been this Trade Furniture blog I hope that you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll see you next Friday.