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  1. Lust for Light

    Lust for Light
    Here at Trade Furniture we always try to make our furniture stand out from the crowd. Now Solid Wood Furniture doesn’t really need this sort of help, after all take a look at our collection of Natural Jali Sheesham TV Units, each with their own unique tone and wood grain. Continue reading →
  2. The Engines are Revving

    The Engines are Revving
    Hello readers, today the mad blogger is getting rather excited as we are getting closer and closer to the start of the motorsport year coming fully into fruition. Now some of you lucky readers would have had the opportunity to watch the opening world superbike race of the season or even the world famous Daytona 500 on your Mango TV Unit. Continue reading →
  3. A Quick Breather

    A Quick Breather
    Today has been a busy morning in the Trade Furniture office, the team here working on many new ideas and revamping our website to give you a more user friendly Solid Wood Furniture buying experience. Continue reading →
  4. A Social Affair

    A Social Affair
    Social Media, it’s almost unimaginable to think about the world without it now, the ability to follow your friends, family and celebrities and keep tabs on what’s going on in their day to day lives. Continue reading →
  5. Alone With Your Thoughts

    Alone With Your Thoughts
    Well it’s Monday morning and my colleague has the week off which means that I have the IT office all to myself, which as a blogger is certainly a good thing. See being alone when trying to write is a blessing in disguise as yes I may start to go mad in front of my Dakota Desk due to isolation, Continue reading →
  6. A Focus of Chaos

    A Focus of Chaos
    Ok as a Solid Wood Furniture retailer we understand that keeping everything focused and organised helps to keep everything flowing and efficient so that our customers receive their brand new Dakota Mango Bookcase on time and in pristine condition. Continue reading →
  7. What’s My Motivation?

    What’s My Motivation?
    Good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, so for this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blog there is a simple question to ask … What’s My Motivation? Seriously what is making me put pen to paper right now (hypothetically of course), what is the inspiration the motivation for this Solid Wood Furniture blog. Continue reading →
  8. In The Frame

    Hello all of you Dakota Mango Wood Furniture fans (I’m assuming so considering your on our site), todays Solid Wood Furniture blog is about how it is so hard to get into the frame. Continue reading →
  9. Updates, So Many Updates

    Updates, So Many Updates
    Good morning Solid Wood Furniture blog readers, this morning I was rearing to go with many titles that would allow me to talk at great length about our Solid Mango Wood pieces among other favourites. Continue reading →
  10. The Land of Confusion

    The Land of Confusion
    Here at Trade Furniture Company we have learnt something from our years of selling Solid Mango Wood Furniture, and that is that confusion is bad. Continue reading →
  11. The Clarity of Reality

    The Clarity of Reality
    Online retailing or e-commerce has become integral to modern business; no matter what it is from a small Solid Wood retailer through to billion dollar enterprises, the importance of having an online presence is essential, just look at Formula 1 if you don’t believe me. Continue reading →
  12. Price Point – Quality or Prestige

    Price Point – Quality or Prestige
    Well good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, well this morning while on the bus to work this morning I was looking on my phone for various products and one thing that I was observing was the price difference between certain products. Continue reading →
  13. Furniture Care 101

    Furniture Care 101
    One of the biggest drawbacks of Solid Wood Furniture is that it is delicate, its just in its nature after all if you treat a Natural Mango Sideboard without care is going to leave a ding or too, no matter how durable the wood is. Continue reading →
  14. Putting a Spin on Things

    Putting a Spin on Things
    Good afternoon Trade Furniture blog readers, it has been a very busy period of revamping our Solid Wood Furniture site – in particular our collection of Solid Wood Dining Sets getting a facelift with some lovely new images that we are sure will showcase the beauty of our Mango Dining Sets among other things. Continue reading →
  15. Combining Powers Engage

    Combining Powers Engage
    Combining, the term that represents combining for a common purpose with the hope of improving on something that as individual pieces would not be as effective if the elements were separate. So what brought such a topic to mind, well after lunch I decided that it would be nice to have a hot chocolate after lunch to hopefully get some inspiration for the latest Dakota Furniture blog. Continue reading →
  16. Game Time With Mango

    Game Time With Mango
    In a world where video games are rivaling Hollywood movies in terms of revenue and a new leap in technology called VR is developing at a rapid pace it’s hard to think there was a time when games did not require a stable power supply. Continue reading →
  17. The Perfect Host

    The Perfect Host
    Indian Furniture is a wonderful thing isn’t it, 100% natural, durable design and versatility that allows it to be anything from a Sheesham Coffee Table to a Mango Dining Set. Continue reading →
  18. New Year, New Mango

    New Year, New Mango
    Well lets get started by wishing all of our Solid Wood Furniture readers a happy new year, hope all of you are looking forward to what will hopefully be a much more positive year than last and yes everyone is justified in sating that. Continue reading →
  19. Christmas Movies and Mango

    Christmas Movies and Mango
    Christmas is always a special time isn’t it readers, everyone’s getting exited for that porky red man to leave presents under our tree, somehow without being charged with breaking and entering. Continue reading →
  20. Cut Out The Wait

    Cut Out The Wait
    Well everyone the countdown to Christmas is here and I know a lot of you will be doing your final Christmas shopping blitz. I of course will not be one of them as regular readers of our Indian Sheesham blogs will know I got my Christmas shopping all out of the way in the quickest and calmest way possible. Continue reading →
  21. Present Rush

    Present Rush
    Well good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, hope you enjoyed your weekend and are all set for the week ahead, after all we are only 2 weeks away from having presents under the tree and a sizzling turkey of nut roast steaming on the Jali Dining Table. Continue reading →
  22. Shake the Room

    Shake the Room
    Well everyone the Christmas party mix tape is on and the all-time classic (sort of) boom shake the room has just started playing, which got me thinking about shaking up our furniture layout around the home. Continue reading →
  23. Has Hollywood Run Out Of Steam?

    Has Hollywood Run Out Of Steam?
    Ok pop quiz everyone, when was the last time you saw a film that was based completely on an original IP, this means something that is not derived from any other form of source material and no Netflix originals do not count even though they are often very entertaining in front of the Sheesham TV Unit. Continue reading →
  24. Romanticist or Pragmatist – Which Are You?

    Romanticist or Pragmatist – Which Are You?
    Good morning readers, I hope you were able to get a hold of some wonderful Indian Furniture pieces during our recent Black Friday sale, which actually got the resident Mad Blogger here at Trade (that being myself of course) is there a way to define how we shop. Continue reading →
  25. What Would You Do?

    What Would You Do?
    Well after a hard fought and long Formula 1 season Nico Rosberg claimed his maiden world title ending the 2 year domination of his team mate Lewis Hamilton. Rosbergs remarkable run of consistent finishes and capitalising on the problems of rivals was the recipe for success, however it is his outgoing champion teammate who is stealing all of the headlines after delivering an edge of your seat twist at the end of the race – honestly I nearly fell on my Mango Coffee Table as a result. Continue reading →
  26. On That Note

    On That Note
    Ok it’s time to be honest with ourselves here, music today is awful, yes there are underground and indie artists still out there however gone are the days where you could go to your Jali Sideboard and simply switch on the radio and hear something that is somewhat audible. Continue reading →
  27. Expectation

    Sheesham is quite an incredible wood, exotic, pleasing to the eye and amazingly tantalising to the touch it’s a wonder why it has taken us so long to name an entire range after this incredible wood. Continue reading →
  28. It's no sham!

    It's no sham!
    Well regular visitors of our Trade Furniture™ site will have noticed one or two new additions to our collection here however one of the most prominent we feel is the Sheesham collection. Continue reading →
  29. Tailoring to your TV

    Tailoring to your TV
    TV’s have reached the same level as the bath or the refrigerator – it has become an integral part of the home landscape where to be in a living room without one somewhat seems strange and unnatural in a sense. Continue reading →
  30. Historic to The Final Curtain

    Historic to The Final Curtain
    Well everyone this year’s MotoGP season may be drawing to a close, and the championship may be decided however that does not mean that there is no reason not to sit in front of the Sheesham TV Unit and enjoy the remaining races of the season. Continue reading →

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