Hello Trade Furniture blog readers, I have been off on holiday for the past 3 days so this week has been a little short on the blog posts.

This week’s Solid Wood Furniture orientated article will be taking a musical theme, over the course of my 3 days off I decided to finally buy some new strings of my guitar and actually learn how to play the thing.

The catch with this is that I can never get the thing in tune, however not one to be defeated I ordered a guitar tuner and a set of strings from my laptop – then it was to the Cube Coffee Table and a sip of my coffee feeling satisfied that I can finally learn to play my guitar.

So the next day my strings arrived and I spent my time tuning the strings EADGBE the order, so I opened the strings and laid them out on the Madison Sideboard. It was all going according to plan, the tuner was giving me accurate readings, however then I got to the B string and all plans went out the window as the string snapped due to over tuning.

So how does my tragic tale relate to Indian Wood Furniture I hear you ask, well in a way this can be a metaphor for laying out the furniture in your room.

Each piece that you buy, you are trying to create a seamless effect much like tuning a guitar – but instead of notes you are trying to outfit a living room with Indian Mango Wood furniture.

But like my situation if you try to overdo it things can go wrong however instead of a snapped string you may end up with a room that does not flow, cluttered with pieces of furniture not suited to each other or the rooms layout, like buying a 6 seater dining table when you only have a small family dining room for example it will feel out of place and as such out of tune.

However like my guitar when you finally get things in tune in your living room you may not be shredding chords like in my situation but it will certainly look amazing.