Blue sky with the sun shining down.

That Friday feeling!

Good afternoon fellow readers, Friday has arrived and once again it’s a hot one! This heatwave really isn’t stopping anytime soon is it? As the weather lady on my TV is stating, record breaking temperatures are to hit the United Kingdom very soon. Although, with hot weather thunderstorms to start to occur, so be prepared for the odd bit of rain here and there.

So with that in mind, how are you all doing? Are you managing to cope and if so have you made plans to travel anywhere since we are having some nice weather? This weekend, I am going to my caravan for a couple of days at the East Coast. That means lots of ice cream is going to be involved, I mean you can’t go to the coast and not have an ice cream can you?

Whilst being away it’s always great news when the weather finally decides to behave and actually allow you to enjoy the holiday to its full potential. Recently the leisure center where I am visiting has just opened up a new swimming pool with tidal waves now installed.

Luckily I have a laptop that sits on my Dakota Office Desk so I can book in advance rather than end up being disappointed on the day to be told they are sold out. Ever had that experience before? Thankfully since the internet has made its way to every house and is becoming the most common way of making purchases you can book at any time and anywhere for almost anything.

Well readers, I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend enjoying the most of this weather whilst it still lasts. See you all soon for the next daily blog here at Trade Furniture Company. Oh and don’t forget to use sun cream this weather isn’t playing nice.