The 3 Bears

The 3 Bears!

Good morning readers! Happy Thursday – just one more push until it’s the weekend, we can do it! This is a blog about “The 3 Bears” and how I lost my cousins!

Yesterday, I went to my local library in search of a new book. I scoured the shelves high and low, my eyes flashing left to right processing the titles authors and covers. Boring! Nothing caught my fancy and I felt highly disappointed in the choices available. Then out of the corner of my vision, I noticed a burst of colour splashed around a seated area; with rainbows painted on the chairs and crayons sprawled across the thick fluffy rug – it was the children’s’ corner. Right there – in the centre of the beautifully crafted Cube Light Square Bookcase– stood a book so proud and regal that before I knew it the leather spine fell into my fingertips with grace: “The 3 Bears”. I rushed home to read the book to my cousins, because I knew how much I adored the majestic writing between the pages.

Just as I had hoped, my three cousins loved the book as much as I did, their jaws swinging in the wind by the time the pages had snapped shut. From then on, I noticed how much my cousins played to the story. They took the Cube Honey Nest of Tables and laid them out in the living room.

My oldest cousin, Ashleigh, took the largest table – placing her thick book on the surface. The second cousin, Sophia, sat in the middle whilst lovingly stroking her fairy book on the lavish Indian Sheesham Wood. Finally, Faye sat cross-legged at the end, fiddling with her bulky picture book with her fingertips.

The girls were immensely proud of themselves and acted in this ferocious mammals manner for hours on end, even to the point where they were called “Daddy Bear”, “Mummy Bear” and “Baby Bear”! I loved watching them act out all the scenes from The 3 Bears – I found it hilarious, but wouldn’t you?

Don’t worry though reader, I had a plan to bring back my girls. I turned the crystal lamp on that stood on the Dakota Lamp Table, glistening with every inch of itself. Blankets were laid on the floor creating a cocoon of warmth. Finally, I turned on the 40” Tv on my Natural Medium Jali Tv Cabinet and switch to the kids channel. Hiding behind the curtain I wait until I hear the light pattering of feet skipping through the hallway. I peeked round the curtain to see my 3 bears inside their cave, snuggled up and watching cartoons. I got my girls back!

Anyway reader, that concludes todays blog. I hope you laughed as much as I did, and I know you will enjoy your weekend – let’s pray it doesn’t get too grizzly!