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The Tapping of Raindrops

Good morning readers, it’s Monday and that means it is time for this week’s Indian Wood Furniture themed blog.

In fact it’s hard to think that literally one week ago a lot of us were caught up in a surprise snowstorm, which given we are in the UK means one thing.

Yes everything ground to a standstill, creating havoc for both car owners and those using public transport alike. I was on the public transport side of things, and I was waiting over an hour for any signs of life.

However after a while a bus turned up and I was on my way back home. It is a much different story this week however as I was greeted by 2 things as I woke up for work.

The first was the sound of my alarm buzzing away atop my Cube Sheesham TV Unit. The second was the sound of raindrops pattering at my window.

Now I don’t know about you all however the sound of rain has always been a calming experience for me. Whether it be lying in bed on a morning or sitting at my Mango Coffee Table, sipping on a nice hot chocolate thinking about what blogs I am going to write at work that day.

However one of the best things about the sound of raindrops is how it clears the mind, allowing you to tap into unknown levels of inspiration and creativity.

That can lead to anything from thinking of a new blogging topic, to rethinking how to layout your family dining room with a new Dakota Dining Table.

Or perhaps you just want to take advantage of your position of being 1) Inside and 2) warm. Instead just relaxing with your favourite album playing in the background and slipping away into the sound of raindrops tapping at you’re window.