Flybe Purple Jet

Time for something new?!

It’s been an eventful weekend to say the least for me! On Sunday i had a 6 and a half hour plane delay from Toulouse to Manchester.

If you didn’t know, last weekend I visited France supporting my local rugby league team Batley Bulldogs as they chased their top 6 hopes. It was my first time ever visiting Toulouse and what an experience I had.

Anyway, back to the scenario of being stuck in an Airport for 6 whole hours, what can you do? Not much really apart from draining all of your electronics battery life, being exactly what I did. Whilst being stuck in the airport I had decided it may be time to update some of my furniture within my room. So the search began…

Choosing the correct furniture can always be a daunting task, especially when you aren’t entirely sure on what you are after. That’s why Trade Furniture Company ensures that they have a variety of ranges suitable for any home.

Fancying a vintage theme in your room? They have the furniture that can fit those needs. For example, with the Light Small Vintage Sideboard providing you with enough space for any of the essentials you need to store away. Not to mention the styled metal legs, that truly does express the units modernistic yet classic touch, allowing it to feel right at home anywhere in the room.

Not a vintage person? Then why not check out the amazing Cube Honey Range? With brushed back steel handles it sets off that rich honey wood tone, showcasing your room in style. As you can see there is more than enough variety, making that daunting task of searching everywhere for the perfect unit, just that bit easier!

So if you ever find yourself looking, why not visit Trade Furniture Company?