Not So Identical Twins

Universal Language

You know the other day I was traveling to work on the bus with my playlist going full blast to drown out the fact that I am surrounded by people I don’t know.

So during my playlist I decided to switch to auto play and see what I ended up on. Suddenly I ended up listening to songs whose lyrics were not in my language.

Yet despite this I was there quietly content with what my playlist had selected for me, which got me thinking? Music is a universal language, even if we cannot understand the lyrics to the song, we can still feel the emotion and feeling that the artist is conveying.

So somehow after returning home, sitting down at my Dakota Coffee Table with my evening drink firmly in hand, I got to wondering; could furniture have a universal language as well.

For example TV Units may come in many different sizes and shapes yet despite this, we still immediately recognise a TV unit when we see one.

Another example could be one of the selections from our Sideboards collection. Our collection features highlights from all of our major ranges, including Dakota, Mango, Cuba Sheesham and Jali.

Along with this each of these ranges have their own unique wood finishes further diversifying their look and feel. With our Mango Wood ranges featuring and vibrant light and striking dark wood finish. On the other end the Sheesham pieces are available in 3 finishes, the light, the rich honey and the rustic natural wood finish. The latter retaining the natural tone and texture of the wood itself.

Yet despite this whenever you see a bookcase whether it be the Mango or the stunning Jali Bookcase, it is an instantly recognisable and even iconic feature that you would imagine in our living room and study.

Such is the universal language of furniture.