Waiting and Anticipating

Good morning readers, Tuesday has begun and I’m kicking things off with a blog. Of course there is a reason that I’m happy about it being Tuesday, as I am one day closer to getting my brand new pair of glasses.

This must be a similar feeling that many of you have when waiting for the arrival of a brand new piece of Solid Wood Furniture, the wait slowly leads to anticipation and before you know it is all you can think about.

Before you know it the day will arrive when your brand new Mango Coffee Table will be being brought through the front door, with your anticipation turning to anxiousness as our delivery drivers carefully position your brand new piece of furniture.

So while waiting around for your new item, be it a pair of glasses or a Dakota Mano Wood Bookcase, what can you do to kill time and hold your anticipation at bay.

I myself have decided to write a blog while sat at my Dakota Desk; however for some of you may need something a little more relaxing to kill time.

One solution may be to sit at your old coffee table with a laptop and do a bit of internet shopping, however this is not always a good thing to do when waiting for your new furniture. This is because it will lead either to more potential pieces of furniture you want, or raise expectations of how your new coffee table is going to look.

Another solution to get through the waiting period is to call upon your hobbies.

In my example I am spending my time playing on video games and catching up on my favourite series, all while sat in front of the Mango TV Unit.

Some of you may want to escape into a good book, in which case there is that one title that you never got round to reading sat neatly in your Dakota Bookshelf.

All of this should help you with the waiting game and hopefully help you enjoy your new Solid Wood Furniture Features even more.