Small Super King Size Cube Bedroom Package


The Cube Honey Bedroom Bundle is a perfect for new homeowners looking to give their brand new bedroom a modernist touch. Each bundle consists of a fantastic Super King Cube bed, a Cube 4 Drawer Chest, a Cube 3 Drawer Bedside Table along with a sleek and stylish Cube Mirror.

Our Indian Rosewood Furniture is crafted with a skillfull eye, and incorporates only the finest naturally sourced materials to ensure that premium excellence. 

Cube Bed: W180 x H109 x D205cm

Cube Mirror: W75 x H105 x D3cm

Cube 4 Drawer Chest: W100 x H105 x D43cm

Cube 3 Drawer Bedside: W50 x H65 x D43cm 


This bundle includes: CB2 + CB7 + CB5 + CB11

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