Light Vintage Storage Boxes


These Light Vintage Storage Boxes are a great option for those who need that bit of extra storage to keep their favourite items safe while not wanting to use flimsy plastic alternatives. The set comes with 3 boxes all of alternating size and which makes it versatile for numerous items such as toys, keepsakes and photos, makeup and private documents.

The Light Vintage Storage Boxes are guaranteed to keep whatever is in them safe as they are made from very durable Indian Mango Wood. However it is not all substance with this item as the boxes themselves are styled to give off a real 1950’s flair making them really distinct and unique.

Dimensions: W33 x D20 x H22cm

                  W42 x D26 x H25cm

                  W38 x D29 x H29cm 

Product Dimensions
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Material Mango
Finish Light

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