Moving House Tips

Moving House Tips

Moving House Tips

It’s getting closer to that time where we are all dying to get ready and settled for Christmas, and well many of us like to find and settle into that prefect place to call home, with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life the added stress of moving house is just not something that you need!

Well fear no more, we have put together a nice little list of tips to, well give you one less thing to worry about, or at least make it a little bit easier.

1) Get in the experts!

Although it might seem a pain to hire a removal company, trust us it will save a lot of hassle, sure you can hire and van and rally all your friends and family together thinking it will save a tonne of money, which okay it might do, but I’m sure you would be surprised at what the professional movers would be able to do for you! Anyway would you really be saving any money when someone drops that priceless vase, or cracks the door frames trying to squeeze your Cube TV Unit through the door!

2) Give yourself plenty of packing time

It may seem obvious not to leave everything to the last minute! But let’s be fair I’m sure we’re all guilty of it. Once you‘ve got the moving date get cracked on, the more time you give yourself the less rushed it will all to be towards the end, giving you more time to dismantle your Dakota Dining Table. The best way, well what I would say, start with the rooms you use the least, get it all packed up and out of the way, one less worry and gradually move through packing away things you don’t desperately.

3) Declutter!

It is the perfect time to get rid of all that unwanted clutter that has been hidden under beds, on top of the wardrobes or hiding in your Mango Sideboard. You might want to keep it, but let’s be real about this, if it’s been hidden away and not used for so long do you really need it?  Get rid, it may sound brutal but it works, only keep what you really need! You’ll be thankful when moving day comes around!

4) Label Everything

Okay, well maybe not literally everything, but you get my drift, it’s not like your Retro Chic Coffee Table will need one.  Pack your boxes room by room, this way once you’re in the new place you can dump them in the right room and not have to worry about what is actually in there.  Label the box with the contents and which room they’re to go in and jobs a good ‘un! Another alternative to avoid writing essays on all your boxes could be coloured stickers, each colour co-ordinates to a room. Don’t say we don’t do anything to help you out!

5) Be Organised

It might sound super easy, but we all like to think we’re organised and then at the last minute you realise you’ve left the kettle or heavens forbid the small table from your Jali Nest of Tables! Now I don’t know about you but having a brew once you get into your new gaff is a must. It might sound over the top, but list your belongings; this way as you unpack you can tick each item off knowing that nothing has been missed! Now that is a relief.