Inset Mango Dark

Inset Mango Dark

Our brand new Inset Mango range is a stunning and truly unique collection inset with gold beading in a Geometric design, you will notice the Geometric design is replicated in both the inset beading and throughout the actual shape and design of the products. Made from 100% Solid Mango Wood this collection sits on a beautiful wooden frame and the gold inlay is created using specialist machinery.

This level of detail and quality finish of this range made from beautiful Indian Mango Wood will give you a unique piece of furniture not available anywhere else and completely unique to Trade Furniture Company. The rich dark finish of this range features a gold inlay design and handle that is striking against the dark tone and subtle grain visible once the stain is applied to the natural Mango wood whilst the light finish features a silver inlay and handle which tone perfectly against the light wood.

We have created eye catching pieces within this collection that will sit perfectly amongst our other collections so you can have a key focal piece in and amongst other items of furniture to create a stylish and unique home.

17 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Inset Mango Drinks Shelving Unit
    Inset Mango LP Turntable/Drinks Cabinet - In Stock
  2. Inset Mango Shelf
    Inset Mango Shelf - In Stock
  3. Inset Mango Shelves
    Inset Mango Shelves - In Stock
  4. Inset Mango 129cm Sideboard
    Inset Mango 129cm Sideboard - In Stock
  5. Inset Mango Slim Sideboard
    Inset Mango 116cm Slim Sideboard - In Stock
  6. Inset Mango Small Sideboard
    Inset Mango 120cm Sideboard - In Stock
  7. Inset Mango Drinks Cabinet
    Inset Mango Drinks Cabinet - In Stock
  8. Inset Mango Bookcase
    Inset Mango Bookcase - In stock
  9. Inset Mango Coffee Table
    Inset Mango Coffee Table - In Stock
  10. Inset Mango Lamp Table
    Inset Mango Lamp Table - In Stock
  11. Inset Mango 110cm Media Unit
    Inset Mango 110cm Media Unit - In Stock
    Inset Mango Coat Hooks - In Stock
  13. Inset Mango Large Media Unit
    Inset Mango 180cm Media Unit - In Stock
  14. Inset Mango Chest of Drawers
    Inset Mango Chest of Drawers - In Stock
  15. Inset Mango Large Drawers
    Inset Mango Large Drawers - In Stock
  16. Inset Mango Small Drawers
    Inset Mango Small Drawers - In Stock
    Inset Mango Coat and Key Hooks - In Stock
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