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It all started decades ago with a passion for sustainable wood and an eye for design, Mango wood was a little-known source of highly sustainable wood due to the speed of growth and the fruit yield whilst maturing which led us to India where Mango trees grow in abundance. We were blown away by the unique and beautiful colouring of Mango wood, it was exactly what we wanted to manufacture and introduce to homes in the UK to replace the bland wooden furniture of the 90s that had a high environmental impact and a low visual appeal. So the company was born specialising in Mango wood ranges with all its beautiful tones and stunning designs.

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We are proud to have built the business together with our manufacturers in India over the last two decades and with whom we have invested in infrastructure and equipment to ensure consistent quality and the ability to create new inspirational designs. Despite the growth of the business the furniture is still hand finished and both ourselves and our manufacturers are family owned retaining the integrity and origins of the core values of the business; fair trade, fair price, ethical and sustainable furniture.

Many years later we have built up an enviable reputation for quality, service and value making us the current market leaders in Mango Wood and Indian Rosewood (Sheesham). We have a vast warehouse in the UK, a large factory in India with state-of-the-art equipment, our own delivery team, sales team, IT team and our own inhouse furniture designer. Click here to see our Trusted shops guarantee reviews.

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We now more than ever are inspired to create beautiful and unique designs from solid Mango and Sheesham wood, we are creating more new ranges and designs than ever before and having honed the craft of furniture design and manufacture over so many years we are free to explore and create, we have a truly inspired team who are passionate about the brand.

The drive for a low carbon footprint and need for sustainable products has never been more at the forefront of our minds, we use low emission vehicles, we only send our vans out full and plan routes with the lowest possible footprint. We use only Mango, Sheesham and reclaimed wood and all products are sustainable with the necessary documentation to prove the source of the wood to authorities prior to shipping. 

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Our Workshop

Although our furniture is manufactured in India we also have a fully equipped workshop and technician at our site near Leeds to enable us to resolve any occasional and rare issues that may arise due to the subtle natural movement of solid wood and to modify furniture at customers request such as adding cable holes etc. Our after-sales service means that you can be confident we will look after you following delivery ensuring all you are left to enjoy for years to come is a beautiful piece of solid wood furniture.

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