Dakota Sideboards

Dakota Sideboards

On this page you will see our charismatically charming range of Dakota Sideboard units. 

Combining storage with style, these heightened living room, study and dining room furniture options are the ideal way to bolster your working, relaxing and storing experience. Dakota Mango Furniture is known for radiating a glowing warmth throughout any aesthetic, whilst retaining that durable long-lasting quality.

By incorporating only naturally sourced Mango Wood into these products, we can ensure that only the finest furniture options go out of our doors. 

Each Solid Wood Sideboard shown below features either a dark or light wood finish, giving you the option to adapt to any requirement or interior design. With a dash of Indian flair, each sideboard highlights a luxuriously sophisticated solid wooden frame to revamp and service your family.

Dakota Furniture is a well-known range combining sleek fashion with a premium durability - so why not browse our extensive range below and complete your modern home.


18 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Dakota Large Sideboard
    Dakota 135cm Large Sideboard - In Stock
  2. Dakota 2 Door Sideboard
    Dakota 96cm 2 Door Sideboard - In Stock
  3. Light Dakota Large Sideboard
    Light Dakota Large 135cm Sideboard - Due 28th June
  4. Light Dakota 2 Door Sideboard
    Light Dakota 96cm 2 Door Sideboard - In Stock
  5. Dakota Slim Sideboard
    Dakota 84.5cm Slim Sideboard - In Stock
  6. Light Dakota Slim Sideboard
    Light Dakota 84.5cm Slim Sideboard - In Stock
  7. Dakota Sideboard
    Dakota 96cm Sideboard - In Stock
  8. Dakota 3 Cupboard Sideboard
    Dakota 140cm 3 Cupboard Sideboard - Due 7th July
  9. Dakota Wine Rack
    Dakota Wine Rack - Due 26th July
  10. Light Dakota 3 Cupboard Sideboard
    Light Dakota 140cm 3 Cupboard Sideboard - Due 27th June
  11. Light Dakota Sideboard
    Light Dakota 96cm Sideboard - In Stock
  12. Light Dakota Wine Rack
    Light Dakota Wine Rack - In Stock
  13. Dakota Shoe Cupboard
    Dakota 85cm Shoe Cupboard - In Stock
  14. Light Dakota Shoe Cupboard
    Light Dakota 85cm Shoe Cupboard - Due 26th July
  15. Dakota DVD Storage Cabinet
    Dakota DVD Storage Cabinet - In Stock
  16. Light Dakota DVD Cabinet
    Light Dakota DVD Cabinet - In Stock
  17. Dakota Large Dresser
    Dakota Large Dresser - In Stock
  18. Light Dakota Large Dresser
    Light Dakota Large Dresser - Due 28th June
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