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Welcome to our fantastic Sheesham Wood Furniture Range. On this page you will find the fantastic collection we offer, a deluxe variety which incorporates modern styles with tradtionally sleek solid wooden frames.

Sheesham Wood is a chic material known worldwide for its unique charming exterior and durable form perfect for stylish sustainable furniture, highliughted throughout the Sheesham TV Unit. We heighten this by only incorporating the highest quality naturally sourced Indian Wood and ensuring the excellence of each product we offer.

So why not bolster your home living experience with any of our products such as our premium Sheesham Sideboard, offering an abundance of heightened storage and style throughout its amazing design. 

Take that leap into your Sheesham Furniture dream.


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  1. Jali Hi/Fi Cabinet
    Was £229.95 Now £209.95
    Jali Hi/Fi Cabinet
  2. Jali Light Mirror
    Was £119.95 Now £107.95
    Jali Light Mirror
  3. Jali Media Unit
    Was £199.95 Now £179.95
    Jali Media Unit
  4. Sheesham TV Stand
    Was £219.95 Now £197.96
    Sheesham TV Stand
  5. Jali DVD Store
    Was £169.95 Now £154.95
    Jali DVD Store
  6. Sheesham Nest
    Was £99.95 Now £89.96
    Sheesham Nest
  7. Jali Bedroom Chest
    Was £229.95 Now £206.95
    Jali Bedroom Chest
  8. Jali Lamp Table
    Was £59.95 Now £53.95
    Jali Lamp Table
  9. Sheesham TV Unit
    Was £359.95 Now £323.96
    Sheesham TV Unit
  10. Jali TV Unit
    Was £229.95 Now £206.95
    Jali TV Unit
  11. Sheesham Cupboard
    Was £219.95 Now £197.96
    Sheesham Cupboard
  12. Jali Mirror
    Was £119.95 Now £107.95
    Jali Mirror
  13. Jali Bookcase
    Was £259.95 Now £234.95
    Jali Bookcase
  14. Jali Bookshelves
    Was £379.95 Now £344.95
    Jali Bookshelves
  15. Jali Dining Table
    Was £239.95 Now £215.95
    Jali Dining Table
  16. Jali TV Cabinet
    Was £219.95 Now £199.95
    Jali TV Cabinet
  17. Jali CD Unit
    Was £79.95 Now £74.95
    Jali CD Unit
  18. Jali Storage Chest
    Was £159.95 Now £143.95
    Jali Storage Chest

Items 1-180 of 246

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