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  1. Why Mango Wood is the Sustainable Choice for Furniture!

    Why Mango Wood is the Sustainable Choice for Furniture!
    Background There is now no denying the challenges that the climate emergency are setting for all of us. So when deciding which kinds of wood to grow, harvest and use for our furniture the sustainability question comes very close to the top of the tree, if you’ll pardon the pun. From the consumer’s perspective when we think about green lifestyles...
  2. How is Mango Wood Furniture so affordable?

    How is Mango Wood Furniture so affordable?
    An introduction to mango wood Mango wood is grown in South East Asia, Mexico, Brazil and parts of Australia – a commodity that spans three continents. It is in essence a by-product of the mango fruit industry. Mango trees grow incredibly fast, taking only around 10-15 years to reach full productivity and a height of up to 100 feet. When...
  3. Light v Dark Wood Furniture

    Light v Dark Wood Furniture
    Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic Trade Furniture Blog. Slowly but surely it is ending close to December which can only mean one thing – Christmas! I love Christmas and all the joy it brings, but I also secretly love all the gifts that I get! Now I know that sounds particularly selfish, but you know you enjoy the...
  4. What is Sheesham Wood?

    What is Sheesham Wood?
    Hello everybody and welcome to another wonderful Trade Furniture Company™ blog. November already this year has gone so fast, next thing you know it will be Christmas then the New Year starts again. I don’t like this time of year, I think it is too cold. Leaving for work on a morning and getting home on a night when it...
  5. 5 Ideas To Liven Up Your Living Room!

    5 Ideas To Liven Up Your Living Room!
    Good Afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying this relaxing Tuesday afternoon, and maybe you’re even admiring your wooden living room furniture. If not, then don’t panic! This blog will be all about my 5 top tips to liven up your living room, so you can heighten that quality family entertainment experience as well as adding to your sleek home...
  6. TV Unit Ideas for your Living Room

    TV Unit Ideas for your Living Room
    Hello everybody and welcome to another wonderful Trade Furniture Company™ blog, It has been a while. Well anyway how have you been? Hopefully well! As summer has now finished and winter is just around the corner you will most likely be spending more and more time in your home wrapped up watching TV. Luckily I will try to help you with this; I will suggest some great TV and Media units which will liven up your living room just in time for winter. Continue reading
  7. Our New Website!

    Our New Website!
    Good Afternoon! We are back and brighter than ever, sailing through summer to where we are now… Friday the 13th! But this Friday is especially lucky indeed, as Trade Furniture Company has hosted a brand new website! Our new website is easy to navigate and has lots of beautiful new images for you to browse and observe! We have ensured...
  8. Our Eco-Friendly Mango Wood!

    Our Eco-Friendly Mango Wood!
    In today’s society, we have the opportunities to choose the way we lead our lives. Which cars to drive, where to live and even how to dress. But where does all our waste go? This is the time old question which recently has been playing on all of our minds in one way or another – how can we reduce our waste? Continue reading
  9. How to choose the perfect Rattan Dining Set.

    How to choose the perfect Rattan Dining Set.
    Good afternoon readers! It’s a clear Monday lunchtime, which is amazing considering the amount of downfall we’ve had here in Yorkshire recently. Today I want to talk to you about finding the Rattan Dining Set that suits you! Continue reading
  10. Fathers Day!

    Fathers Day!
    Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying the day, and looking forward to Father’s Day on the 16th of June. Fathers are so hard to get gifts for! They never tell us what they want, there are no hints given and we spend the entire time panicking if it’s the best possible gift. After all that they’ve done for us they deserve an island –but we can’t even find the perfect mug. Continue reading
  11. The 3 Bears!

    The 3 Bears!
    Good morning readers! Happy Thursday – just one more push until it’s the weekend, we can do it! This is a blog about "The 3 Bears" and how I lost my cousins! Continue reading
  12. My Top 5 Favourite TV Units

    My Top 5 Favourite TV Units
    Hello everyone and welcome to a wonderful Trade Furniture blog. I hope that you are all well and are having or have had a great day. Did you have a nice weekend and are you ready to tackle the week ahead? Continue reading
  13. Declutter and Refurnish your Living Room

    Declutter and Refurnish your Living Room
    Yes, we all know the convenience and price benefits of a certain well known, meatball-loving flat-pack obsessed Swedish furniture company, but there is a definite backlash against the homogeneity that this culture has proliferated. Continue reading
  14. I'm Sorry!

    I'm Sorry!
    Hello everyone and welcome to a Trade Furniture blog. Wow, it’s weird typing that it’s been a while hasn’t it? First of all, let me apologize I’m sorry for not doing a blog on here since November. I can’t apologise enough I’ve just been really busy. We’ve had a lot of projects that have been on going. For example have you checked the new industrial range on our website? If you haven’t I would really recommend for you to go see these IND codes as they are my personal favourites. As well have you also looked at our Social Medias because we are getting more active on them. These are: Continue reading
  15. November Already!

    November Already!
    Good afternoon readers of the wonderful Trade Furniture blog! Friday is here again and that means I’m going to write a blog and hopefully for you to enjoy it. This has been a very strange week, hasn’t it? Continue reading
  16. Bespoke Furniture For You!

    Bespoke Furniture For You!
    Good afternoon fellow readers, Friday has come knocking again. Ah, what a great feeling Weekend here we all come! However, that’s not the only fantastic feeling happening at the moment. At Trade Furniture Company we have released our ‘brand new’, excuse the pun… BESPOKE SERVICE! Continue reading
  17. That Friday feeling!

    That Friday feeling!
    Good afternoon fellow readers, Friday has arrived and once again it’s a hot one! This heatwave really isn’t stopping anytime soon is it? As the weather lady on my TV is stating, record breaking temperatures are to hit the United Kingdom very soon. Although, with hot weather thunderstorms to start to occur, so be prepared for the odd bit of rain here and there. Continue reading
  18. Time for something new?!

    Time for something new?!
    It’s been an eventful weekend to say the least for me! On Sunday i had a 6 and a half hour plane delay from Toulouse to Manchester. If you didn’t know, last weekend I visited France supporting my local rugby league team Batley Bulldogs as they chased their top 6 hopes. It was my first time ever visiting Toulouse and what an experience I had. Continue reading
  19. Networks' listen to us!

    Networks' listen to us!
    Good morning readers, it’s another day which means it’s another blog and what a perfect day to write one as well! For the first time in a long time, Britain has had some good constant warm weather. Lovely. I thought today I would talk about TV Shows, seen as last weekend I spent most of my time in my beautifully designed Cube Bed sick. Continue reading
  20. History brought back!

    History brought back!
    Good afternoon readers, I hope that everyone is keeping well today? The sun is out, which to me makes for the perfect day to talk about hobbies. Everyone someway has their own hobby that they enjoy doing in their free time, mine being my 1974 VW T2 Campervan which I am currently restoring. Continue reading

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