Furniture Care

Our solid wood furniture comes in two finishes, lacquer and matt. All our timbers are dried to beyond acceptable moisture contents however wood is a natural fibre and may be prone to small amounts of movement, we would consider a small amount of movement completely normal and should not compromise the structural integrity of the piece.

Due to the natural waxes used in our furniture, spilled liquids and oils may cause markings. Every care should be taken to prevent spillages but should this occur immediately remove the liquid and gently dry with a soft cloth. Hot and cold items such as crockery should not be placed directly onto the surface of the furniture, we advise the use of place mats and coasters to protect the wood.

In order to retain the natural beauty of the wood we recommend you use a good quality propriety wax which is available below. Apply the wax with a lint free cloth using a circular buffing motion.

Scratches can be treated with coloured wax repair crayons or scratch repair pens which are available from DIY retailers. For expert advice please contact a French polisher or specialist.

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