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Welcome to our Mango Furniture collection!

One of our most popular and versatile collections it's well suited to anywhere from the living room right through to the bedroom.

Popular items in this collection feature our expansive range of Mango Coffee Tables and Mango Sideboards. Alongside this our range is packed with other home essentials such as TV units, bookcases and Mango Wood Dining Tables.

Each item in the Mango Furniture range is handmade from the finest Solid Mango Wood. This wood is renowned worldwide for its natural charm and high quality appeal.

Each piece is also available in a vibrant light wood finish or a striking dark wood finish to suit your taste.

Welcome to our renowned and versatile Dakota Furniture™ collection. 

Each piece in this collection is made from Solid Mango Wood which is hand crafted into all of your home furniture favourites.

That include the Dakota Coffee Tables, stunning Dakota Wood TV Units as well as other home furniture desired items like Dakota Bookcases.

Each piece in the Dakota Furniture™ range is given the warm dark wood finish, gifting it that unique Mango Wood medium brown tone. 

Welcome to the one and only Dakota Light Furniture collection, featuring in our popular Dakota Furniture Range. This is our most desired and versatile collection, where our choices available demonstrates everything that Solid Wood Furniture can and should be.

From cosy Dakota Coffee Tables to practical
Dakota Sideboards, this range has you covered in virtually every room in the home.

Each piece in this collection is hand crafted from 100% Natural Mango Wood, with precision and an attention to detail allowing each units natural wood charms to shine.

Welcome to our Mango Dark Furniture range.

This collection features sophisticated pieces spanning the living room, bedroom and dining room.

Highlights of this collection include our popular Mango TV Units and charming Coffee Tables, along with Mango Dining Tables and Bookcases.

Each item in this collection is handmade from natural Mango Wood, whose natural charm is enhanced by a dark wood finish, giving each item a distinctive look and feel.

This is our Mango Light Furniture collection.

 This range features versatile and stylish home features, great for the living room, bedroom and much more.

This includes our huge selection of Mango Coffee Tables and TV Units essential to any living room designAlong with this our collection also features spacious bookcases and roomy Mango Sideboards, providing sleek and stylish storage throughout the home.

These and many more features are each made from highest quality Natural Mango WoodA vibrant light wood finish acts as the finishing touch, allowing light to flow throughout the room and showcasing the all the natural charm Mango Furniture has to offer.

The Light Vintage Furniture collection is one of our newest and most charismatic solid wood furniture ranges.

Each piece in this collection is handmade from natural mango wood, which is then fitted with stylised cast iron legs to replicate furniture design of the 50’s and 60’s.

This has led to a distinctive and unique collection with highlights including Vintage TV Units, Vintage Bookcases and stunning Vintage Coffee Tables.

Welcome to our Vintage range – here you will find many charismatic from Coffee Tables to Bookcases and more all made from the finest Indian Mango Wood and inspired by 1950’s furniture design.


This is our Light Retro Chic Furniture collection.

All pieces in this range are made from 100% Indian Mango Wood that has a vibrant light finish applied to the wood.

This collection features 1970’s inspired take on all your home furniture favourites from Coffee Tables through to bookcases, sideboards and more. 

Welcome to our Retro Chic collection.

This range features all of your home furniture favourites from Coffee Tables through to Mirrors and TV Units all made from the highest quality Indian Mango Wood with designs that are inspired by 1970’s furniture.


This is the Light Vintage Mango Furniture collection.

A spin off from our popular Mango Furniture range, each piece in this collection features a Solid Mango Wood frame which is given a vibrant light wood finish accentuating the natural charm of its Solid Wood frame.

Along with this each unit is inspired by Vintage Furniture design, giving home favourites a unique and characteristic twist evident in items such as our Vintage Mango Coffee Tables and the Vintage Mango Bookcase among other charming home furniture favourites.

Welcome to our Vintage Mango Furniture collection.

Each piece in this collection is made from only the finest Natural Mango Wood which is given a striking dark wood finish exclusive to all of our Mango Furniture collections.

However this range stands apart with each piece being inspired by Vintage Furniture design, this gives home favourites such as the Vintage Mango Coffee Table and the Vintage Mango TV Unit a unique look that will stand apart from conventional furniture designs. 

The Light Retro Mango Collection features many home furniture favourites from coffee tables to bookcases and more all made from Solid Indian Mango Wood that all feature a retro influenced design and vibrant light wood finish. 



Welcome to the Retro Mango Furniture collection!

This collection is a spinoff of our popular Mango Furniture collection with all units featuring the same handmade Solid Mango Wood treatment with the option for a vibrant light and the Mango Furniture exclusive dark wood finish.

What makes this range really stand out is each unit’s Retro inspired design, taken influences from furniture design tropes prevalent in the 60s and 70s, delivering unique takes on home furniture favourites including the Retro Mango Coffee Table and Retro Mango Bookcase among other favourites.

The Rough Sawn Retro Furniture collection is one of our most distinctive and expressive Solid Wood ranges.

Taking mid-century styling and reimagining it for the modern home, this range feature many home favourites including Retro TV Units, Retro Bookcases, Retro Coffee Table and much more.

Each piece in this collection is made from Naturally Sourced Mango Wood which is given a rough sawn finish, which gives each piece its own unique individuality and character. 

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