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  1. Cube And Cuba Furniture Buyers Guide

    Cube And Cuba Furniture Buyers Guide
    On this page you will have the ability to find and read all the information you need on our fantastic Cube and Cuba products. One of our most popular furniture collections, this classic duo is designed to spice up your home aesthetic with style and charisma. Continue reading →
  2. Dakota Furniture Buyers Guide

    Dakota Furniture Buyers Guide
    Here at Trade Furniture we want to provide an impeccable service, and informational value throughout. The online world of shopping can be a scary and at times daunting place, which is why we strive to provide the help and support you need. Our most popular range, Dakota Furniture, often produces many questions and queries in regards to its origins and sustainability – so let’s dive in! Continue reading →
  3. TV Units Buyers Guide

    TV Units Buyers Guide
    Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to a fantastic buyers guide tailored to your needs and desires. With a sophisticated and long-lasting edge, we provide amazing tv units designed for your house – and you can learn all about them below. Sizes One of the best features regarding our Wooden TV Units collection is the vast range of sizes that we...
  4. Rattan Furniture Buyers Guide

    Rattan Furniture Buyers Guide
    Introduction Rattan Furniture is a luxurious style which showcases skilled craftmanship and a durable exterior. Popular across the country, this style appears in storage boxes, chairs and furniture frames for a traditionally charming look. Below, you will read all about the specific qualities and elements of Rattan Furniture so that you can furnish your home with skill. What is Rattan...
  5. Industrial Furniture Buyers Guide

    Industrial Furniture Buyers Guide
    What is Industrial Decor? Industrial Furniture is a collection of modern inspired home essentials ranging from Bookcases to Sideboards. It uses sleek wooden builds which are often complimented with metal frames to contrast the thin, slender wood. These can be accentuated with rigid architectural details such as recycled materials, brick furnishings and various metals. Some of our Industrial Furniture encompasses...
  6. Jali Furniture Buyers Guide

    Jali Furniture Buyers Guide
    What is Jali Furniture?   Jali Furniture is a furniture range with an Indian Twist. It is made from solid wood and often features intricate iron detailing amongst its durable frame. Continue reading →
  7. Sheesham Wood Furniture Buyers Guide

    Sheesham Wood Furniture Buyers Guide
    There is a misconception within the world of interior designs, that in order to create the most lavish and awe-inspiring room designs you need to have the most expensive, high brand furniture. This is not correct - Our fantastic Sheesham Furniture can provide style, service and storage for any need alongside durable frames and exquisite exteriors. Continue reading →
  8. Mango Wood Furniture Buyers Guide

    Mango Wood is a luxuriously versatile material which can be used in a variety of ways. Today, you can read all about the different collections we offer as well as the sophisticated qualities of this fantastic wood. Continue reading →
  9. How to Treat Sheesham Wood Furniture

    How to Treat Sheesham Wood Furniture
    Sheesham wood furniture is a pretty hardy hardwood and as such does not really need an awful lot of special care and attention, but assuming you want to keep your special piece of Sheesham wood furniture looking its very best there are some important things to keep in mind. First of all, let’s look at where you have chosen to...
  10. Why Mango Wood is the Sustainable Choice for Furniture!

    Why Mango Wood is the Sustainable Choice for Furniture!
    Background There is now no denying the challenges that the climate emergency are setting for all of us. So when deciding which kinds of wood to grow, harvest and use for our furniture the sustainability question comes very close to the top of the tree, if you’ll pardon the pun. From the consumer’s perspective when we think about green lifestyles...
  11. Why Sheesham Wood is Great for Home Furniture

    Why Sheesham Wood is Great for Home Furniture
    Sheesham Wood – an introduction In order to understand the unique properties of Sheesham wood it’s important to have a look at the history of the wood itself. Sheesham wood comes from a tree that is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and Southern parts of Iran. While these are the areas the North Indian Rosewood (the tree from which Sheesham...
  12. How is Mango Wood Furniture so affordable?

    How is Mango Wood Furniture so affordable?
    An introduction to mango wood Mango wood is grown in South East Asia, Mexico, Brazil and parts of Australia – a commodity that spans three continents. It is in essence a by-product of the mango fruit industry. Mango trees grow incredibly fast, taking only around 10-15 years to reach full productivity and a height of up to 100 feet. When...
  13. Light v Dark Wood Furniture

    Light v Dark Wood Furniture
    Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic Trade Furniture Blog. Slowly but surely it is ending close to December which can only mean one thing – Christmas! I love Christmas and all the joy it brings, but I also secretly love all the gifts that I get! Now I know that sounds particularly selfish, but you know you enjoy the...
  14. What is Sheesham Wood?

    What is Sheesham Wood?
    Hello everybody and welcome to another wonderful Trade Furniture Company™ blog. November already this year has gone so fast, next thing you know it will be Christmas then the New Year starts again. I don’t like this time of year, I think it is too cold. Leaving for work on a morning and getting home on a night when it...
  15. Our Eco-Friendly Mango Wood!

    Our Eco-Friendly Mango Wood!
    In today’s society, we have the opportunities to choose the way we lead our lives. Which cars to drive, where to live and even how to dress. But where does all our waste go? This is the time old question which recently has been playing on all of our minds in one way or another – how can we reduce our waste? Continue reading →
  16. No Fool

    No Fool
    Welcome back everybody to the Trade Furniture blog, our extended weekend is over and now its back to all the joys of Solid Wood Furniture here in the office. Of course in our 4 days off we passed through both Easter and April fool’s day. So while digging into those delicious chocolate eggs on your Mango Coffee Table, were guessing your Facebook notifications will have been going crazy with constant April Fools jokes. Continue reading →
  17. Which Works For You Mango or Sheesham

    Which Works For You Mango or Sheesham
    So your home design is meant to be a representation of what works for you and your home life. This means some homes you will see packed with elegant and detailed features. Yet on the other side of things you may see a room with a clean crisp and strictly functional design. Continue reading →
  18. Such A Basket Case

    Such A Basket Case
    Despite we here supplying any number of elaborate Indian Furniture pieces such as the Dakota Wine Rack and Teak Root Coffee Table to name a couple of examples. Continue reading →
  19. Sideboards Supreme

    Sideboards Supreme
    OK so I’ll be honest right now, I really don’t like writing about sideboards. I don’t know why I don’t but I find that sideboards are incredibly hard to write about. Continue reading →
  20. Duality or Distinction

    Duality or Distinction
    When looking around furniture showrooms you see many pieces of furniture that are completely unique to one another, however one question that we often get asked around our showroom is the difference between certain furniture ranges, the most prominent of these being the Mango Dark and Dakota Dark comparison and the Cube and Cuba comparison. Continue reading →
  21. Adding that touch of retro flair

    Adding that touch of retro flair
    It’s funny isn’t it – despite all the advances in technology over the years and how we as the human race continue to progress (were on virtual reality talk now), we still hang onto the old ways – is it because we fear change, are untrustworthy of unproven over tried and tested or perhaps it’s the memories that we associate with items and tastes from the past. Continue reading →
  22. Bedroom Brilliance

    Bedroom Brilliance
    The Bedroom – a room that represents what rest and relaxation should be. Now for everyone the principal of relaxation is different for everyone, after all climbing a mountain can be relaxing for some (don’t ask me why). Continue reading →
  23. Not So Identical Twins

    Not So Identical Twins
    Being a twin must be a real pain sometimes especially if you’re an identical twin – constantly being confused for your sibling can be irritating and somewhat awkward. Here at Trade Furniture we have a curious case of twins that may look alike, but that have a subtle difference that distinguishes them apart from one another. Continue reading →
  24. Trade Furniture Presents – The Top 5 TV Units for a Large TV Set

    Trade Furniture Presents – The Top 5 TV Units for a Large TV Set
    The TV Unit – as ever present in our homes as the coffee table and the sofa it has become something of a staple of a living room design. However picking a TV Unit can be hard as there are so many factors to consider, especially for those with large TV sets. Continue reading →
  25. A Little Rough Around The Edges

    A Little Rough Around The Edges
    We have been introducing quite a lot of new ranges here at Trade Furniture, most of which have been of our Retro inspired items. Continue reading →
  26. Tables at the Ready

    Tables at the Ready
    Well we are only a couple of months away from Christmas people, yes the day of wonder for kids and a day of bonding where we all see our relatives again as they come over to your house to celebrate the day of giving joy with those you hold dear. Continue reading →
  27. 4 Styles of Rattan Dining Chair

    4 Styles of Rattan Dining Chair
    There are lots of different things that can make a dining room look good. Whether it’s a new mirror on the wall or a new dining set. Something that will always make a difference is the dining chairs you choose. Continue reading →
  28. Industrial Furniture - Heavy Duty Quality

    Industrial Furniture - Heavy Duty Quality
    Have you ever looked at the furniture in your house and thought ‘I’m bored’? Ever thought that you'd like something a bit more substantial with a bit of power to it? Something with wood and metal, something that you can put in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and all over the house? Continue reading →
  29. Romantic Dining

    Romantic Dining
    So Valentine’s Day has now passed and we’re getting out of the overly romantic mood. We hope you had a lovely day with that special someone. The romance is hopefully still there and we can try our best to make every day as special as Valentine’s Day. Continue reading →
  30. Why Oak?

    Why Oak?
    As a foremost retailer of hardwood furniture such as mango and sheesham wood, we're always interested in other kinds of wooden furniture so we can compare their finishes and performance, and that includes stuff made with Oak. Continue reading →

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