Good afternoon readers! It’s a clear Monday lunchtime, which is amazing considering the amount of downfall we’ve had here in Yorkshire recently. Today I want to talk to you about finding the Rattan Dining Set that suits you!

Every contemporary home has a dining room need to fill, and this differs on the style, household or atmosphere that it’s in. For instance, the Rattan Dining Chairs we offer radiate that traditional Natural Furniture elegance, and would perfectly match with any Indian Wood Dining Table. The perfect example of this would be the Set of 4 Croco Dining Chairs against the premium Cube Natural Dining Table. Here are some simple tips for finding that forever Dining Set!

  1. Remember basic requirements!

This may be an obvious one reader, but when looking for a dining set, don’t forget about the size of your dining room, the amount of family members you have and most importantly, the style which your room follows. With all this information you can not only get a beautiful classic Indian Dining Set such as the Mango Table with 4 Rattan Chairs, but you also get a durable bundle which you can rely on to host you and your family for years to come without anyone missing out.

  1. Assess colour schemes

For that sophisticated finish, the best thing to do is look at the walls, floors and extra accessories around you room. What colour schemes do they tend to follow?

If bright vibrant shades cascade around your room then the Light Wood Finish is what I would recommend to round off that naturally warm glow. When shades tend to become more neutral and calm, then Natural Wood Finishes offer that retained Solid Wood charm. And of course, the richer colours can be complimented by any of our Honey or Dark wood finishes.

This isn’t to say, however, that you can’t mix and match. The Dakota Cube Table with 4 Rattan Chairs which features a dark exterior would contrast luxuriously with a bright wood flooring or wall design – it’s all about noticing and understanding which colour schemes can really accentuate one another.

  1. Compliment with Solid Wood Furniture and household accessories.

Now that you have chosen your ideal Handwoven Rattan Dining Set, it is vital to finish your dream design with accentuated Solid Wood. For instance, if we take a Jali Light Dining Table & 6 Rattan Chairs dining set against a vibrant light colour scheme room, pieces such as the Jali Light Medium Sideboard or the Jali Light 1 Drawer Bookcase would match perfectly! The potential is endless, and is completely up to you.

With this blog coming to an end, reader, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read these tips and I hope that by conforming to these rules your Rattan Dining Room design will thrive within your family home and radiate an elegance you now know how to achieve.