In today’s society, we have the opportunities to choose the way we lead our lives. Which cars to drive, where to live and even how to dress. But where does all our waste go? This is the time old question which recently has been playing on all of our minds in one way or another – how can we reduce our waste?

The more obvious ways are things like walking to close destinations, recycling plastic and shopping at charity/second hand shops. But what about our homes? Is there a way which even our furniture can be sustainable? The average oak tree takes 50-100 years to mature, surely there must be an option that can be farmed at a more ethical rate.

Well there are readers, and here at Trade Furniture we are committed to providing the highest quality, yet less wasteful furniture alternative. We are proud to offer our finest Mango Wood Furniture including the Mango Light, Dakota Mango and many more ranges.

What is Mango Wood?

Mango Wood is the by-product of a Mango Tree. Already a favourite in our shopping community, these trees grow the juicy Mango fruit we have come to know and love as a community. So when these trees stop producing fruit at around the 15 year mark, what better way to re-purpose the tree than to use the wood for our premium furniture! Mango Wood is technically hardwood for that durable furniture, but is also soft enough to make it relatively easy to work with.

Where are Mango Trees?

Mango Trees are quite common, being farmed in places such as India, Brazil, Australia and even Southeast Asia. This also means that there are plentiful of Mango Tree ranches, as when one tree is cut down another one is planted to keep the cycle going. This sustainable operation ensures that there is never a shortage of Mango Wood and also means that we are ethically replacing every tree we cut down.

How can I maintain my Mango Furniture?

Mango Furniture is a stunning material and comes with several benefits within it. Mango Wood is water resistant, meaning your furniture can be left outside with no problem to the wood or frame – however your possessions might get a bit wet! Beware of sun bleaching however, and when the cold weather hits make sure to move any Mango Furniture inside.

It is good to polish with a little bit of fiddes supreme wax every month or so to retain that gorgeous sheen. Furthermore, avoiding cold or dry weathers will make sure the wood keeps that sturdy formation.

What items would you recommend?

Well I am glad you asked reader. Seeing as we ethically farm Mango Wood, all of that furniture range is sustainable and renewable to fit with your waste free lifestyle. We have pieces from all backgrounds, whether it’s the Industrial Furniture Range with items like the Industrial Small Sideboard, or the Dark Mango Range which incorporates the Mango Blanket Box.

I hope you have learnt lots on this journey into our renewable Mango Wood and how we are protecting the planet with this eco-friendly mind-set. Have a good day everyone!