Sheesham wood is a hardwood indigenous to parts of India and Iran, but also grown in the US and Australia. The Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo tree is where Sheesham wood comes from and as an extremely durable, workable and relatively inexpensive wood resistant to the elements and termites, it is an extremely popular material for wood carvings, musical instruments and as we are interested here, all kinds of wood furniture.

Before we look at the many specific benefits of Sheesham wood furniture, it is worth highlighting some of the benefits of buying genuine hardwood furniture, instead of factory packed items. Firstly, when you buy genuine solid wood furniture, you are buying pieces that can survive many generations. This is a revolt against the sort of disposable culture that has contributed to the environmental disaster we are passing on to the next generation. Solid wood pieces will be a sound investment as they are a one off purchase, whereas flat-packed furniture usually deteriorates much quicker, needing not only another few hours of swearing at the instructions, but multiple purchases. Solid wood is biodegradable, unlike the many synthetic materials that contribute towards other options. In addition, any solid wood furniture brought into the home means you are bringing a slice of the natural world into your living space – a great way of bringing character, feng shui and warmth into the home.

Moving on to the specific benefits, in addition to these generalised positives, associated with Sheesham wood and you will see that it is quite a remarkable wood for home furniture items such as coffee tables, dining tables or sideboards. Firstly, the unique properties of Sheesham wood make it ideal for carving. You may wonder at first why this is relevant for furniture, but in fact it means that you can get pieces that are far more elaborate and intricate for a relatively lower cost as the wood used to make the pieces is easier to work. Sheesham wood is rated as the very best hardwood for carving and engraving as it is less susceptible to warping or splitting when worked. It is incredibly strong and can be polished and waxed in different shades allowing for a smooth and beautiful surface. You get shades of golden brown and red and at the same time a surface that proves impermeable to termites – which is a real benefit!

Value for money

Sheesham wood furniture represents excellent value for money. Cheaper than its closest comparable – teak – Sheesham wood is arguably more beautiful, with its veins of darker streaks amidst the reddish hued golden browns.

Good fortune!

Not only is it hard, workable, beautiful and affordable, but Sheesham wood is thought to be associated with good fortune and has spiritual characteristics, believed in parts of India to be a harbinger of peace and wealth. Many temples, for this reason are constructed from Sheesham wood.

Options and continuity

Because of its durability and workability as well as its relative affordability, Sheesham wood furniture is plentiful and you can usually find whatever piece you are looking for in Sheesham wood. This allows for the realistic prospect of a house full of Sheesham wood furniture of all kinds, allowing for textural and stylistic continuity.

Easy maintenance

Sheesham wood furniture requires little in the way of maintenance and benefits from gentle cleaning with a dry cotton fabric cloth. Such easy maintenance is a real benefit in a world in which time is becoming an ever scarcer commodity. The only thing higher maintenance care that you may need to use with older Sheesham wood pieces is a layer of Danish oil or similar. Sheesham wood has less oil than other hardwoods and to keep it protected from water, it needs a protective coat, which all new pieces will have anyway.