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  1. Earth Day 2021

    Earth Day 2021
    Introduction Today April 22nd we celebrate World Earth Day, where we show our support for environmental protection 51 years since it first started. This year's theme is Restore Our Earth which is a global call to take concerted action and find better solutions to restore our planet. Here at Trade Furniture, we are serious about protecting the earth and are...
  2. Mental Illness Week and the Biesla Raffle!

    Mental Illness Week and the Biesla Raffle!
    The week beginning 18th May is Mental Illness Week, a time to spread awareness and compassion for those that are suffering or have been affected by mental health problems. That’s why this week we want to talk about the charity MIND and their personal connection with one of the founders of this company: Tony Clark. Tony, who is a father...
  3. The 75kg Sculpture of Marcela Biesla for charity!

    The 75kg Sculpture of Marcela Biesla for charity!
    As some of you may know, one of owners of Trade Furniture, Tony Clark, has been working with artists in Asia to create a Lifesize replica of the famous Leeds United Football Club manager, Marcelo Biesla. Funded by himself and his brother, Craig Clark, this project has been a personal and emotional project for all involved. Continue reading →
  4. COVID-19. Some information you may need!

    COVID-19. Some information you may need!
    Here at Trade Furniture, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. Because of this, we are willingly equipped and prepared for the effects of the COVID-19 virus which has quickly rose to attention. In light of this, we know that you, our customers, will have questions and queries about our means and practices. Although our health and safety precautions have always followed a rigid procedure, we have adjusted to our new surroundings and as always stride to make your shopping experience seamless. Continue reading →
  5. Our New Website!

    Our New Website!
    Good Afternoon! We are back and brighter than ever, sailing through summer to where we are now… Friday the 13th! But this Friday is especially lucky indeed, as Trade Furniture Company has hosted a brand new website! Our new website is easy to navigate and has lots of beautiful new images for you to browse and observe! We have ensured...
  6. Bespoke Furniture For You!

    Bespoke Furniture For You!
    Good afternoon fellow readers, Friday has come knocking again. Ah, what a great feeling Weekend here we all come! However, that’s not the only fantastic feeling happening at the moment. At Trade Furniture Company we have released our ‘brand new’, excuse the pun… BESPOKE SERVICE! Continue reading →
  7. There are many things I would like to know?

    There are many things I would like to know?
    There is one consistency within everyone’s lives, from childhood to our older years and that is the desire for knowledge. Now in today’s society this is something that has become easier than ever with the advancements of the internet and mobile devices allowing us to access a stream of information within seconds. Continue reading →
  8. New Arrivals

    New Arrivals
    Well as the year is coming to an end and for us at Trade Furniture Company, it has been quite an eventful one. We have had quite a few new arrivals to our company over the past 12 months, from new personnel to the arrivals of some unique and characteristic items that have boosted our range and made it even more exceptional. Continue reading →
  9. Social Networking World

    Social Networking World
    The world seems to revolve around the internet these days and particularly social media like Facebook and Twitter. You see people on Facebook all over the place setting status’s telling the world they just ate an apple and that they hate Mondays. Continue reading →
  10. Design Change, Not Quality Change

    Design Change, Not Quality Change
    At Trade Furniture we have tonnes of furniture on offer for just about every room in the house. We've got coffee tables, dining sets, bookcases, sideboards, TV units, dining tables and a whole host of other things. Continue reading →
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