Valentine’s Day Décor

Not matter what you plan on doing for Valentine’s Day, you really need to show your home a bit of love. We will give you a few ideas of what to use to pull off a romantic feel in a room.

Red is certainly as romantic as you think, the red walls with candles will create a beautiful look.

If you’re planning on having a meal, some red and pink table decorations will look great. Obviously love hearts are a good thing to use. Cloth napkins are really nice to use as well.

Be careful with the table decorations, the last thing you want is to obstruct the view of your dinner guest. Put them out of your eye line, or go for smaller things.

Flowers are clearly a must, ideally red roses. Tulips can make great flowers also, but just go with whatever you or your partner prefers. Flowers not only look great, but they have a lovely aroma.

It’s not just the dining room you should be aiming to get in the mood. Carry on the theme throughout the whole house and make sure that from the moment they’re at the door to leaving they know what day it is.

We think the nice subtle look is better than the tacky over-the-top decorations you can get. We like the sophisticated and classy items that set the mood much better.

Lighting is really important. You want it a little dimmer, but obviously not too dark. Mini-lights are cool and can have a huge effect if placed in a good place.

It’s also much more personal and nice if you receive a card your partner has made themselves. Put the extra effort in and be creative! If you want to go a bit further, try making each other presents as well!